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Archive for September, 2009

All About the Mix

6a00e54fe9de5c883301157255a844970b-piThere is something beautiful about the “mix.” When the combination of old and new, modern and traditional form an eclectic feel and the room no longer has a “style” but instead a unity, a meshing, so now- it is fresh, unseen and surprising. Unpredictable style is the best of them all, never think in a box and remember “there are no rules to good design, only the ones you break.”

Understated Elegance

Throwing a quick meal together prior to company coming over is easier than you think. The best dinners that I remember attending were the ones that visually made an impact. Maybe I don’t remember the food so well, but I remember the ambiance for sure. A quick and easy way to do this as home is to throw down an organic table cloth (linen for example). Place the food graphically on the plate or neatly in little bowls. The key is to have an overall uniformed look, staying within one color pallet is the easiest way to achieve this. I recommend white/taupe.. all food looks beautiful on white dishes.


The Bookshelf

The BookshelfWatch to see our favorite books from our bookshelf. Motivating and full of inspirational images.

Luxurious Privacy


Imagine an exquisite getaway just outside your front door. A place to entertain new and old friends, a chic retreat after a day of work, a calm serene yard-scape to ease even the most frantic of days. One beautiful detail to enhance a lawn and make it appear even more luxurious is the addition of a fabric. For example this draped off seating area provides privacy and softness. Love that driveway!