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Archive for October, 2009

Onion, Anchovie and Olive Tart

This is one of our favorite cook books, as you can tell by the worn cover…

This is the delicious recipe served at the birthday party mentioned below: Bon Appetite!

"Off the Shelf. Cooking From the Pantry" P. 96-97

"Off the Shelf. Cooking From the Pantry" P. 96-97

"Onion, Anchovie and Olive Tart" p. 97

"Onion, Anchovie and Olive Tart" p. 97


A Well Designed Showroom.

showroomThis past fall market we were asked by Penthouse Furniture to design and accessorize their showroom in Innerhall. The result included a stunning white branch with newspaper paper cranes fluttering about from its branches, an organic, custom drum lamp hanging above a pedestal table, and graphic stacks of books on shelves and strewn across the entry table. This very cool, bohemian and eclectic look drew admiring glances from those passing by.



Inspirational Art

Lisa Sherry Interieurs’ artist and designer Jordan McDermott painted custom art for the Verellen showroom at Fall Market this year. All of the art is one of a kind and custom designed for each individual client. If you are interested in purchasing please contact us.

"Birds on a Wire" by Jordan McDermott

"Zebra" by Jordan McDermott

"Mountain Scape" by Jordan McDermottAssorted paintings by Jordan McDermott

"Mountain Scape" by Jordan McDermott

"Jail Birds" by Jordan McDermott

A Market Preview.

One of the great advantages of having one of our offices in High Point, NC  is that we have amazing resources at our fingertips. Since we are surrounded by all the furniture showrooms on a day to day basis we become very familiar with our favorite ones. It seems as if our economy is climbing, this years market was bustling and full of inspiration and beautiful designs perfectly displayed across hundreds and thousands of showrooms. Below are some of our favorites: enjoy!


Its not hard to see why this is one of our favorite showrooms at market…


The large scale of the light fixtures creates drama and give a cozy feel to this little “lounging nook” in the showroom.


Love the scale of the horse!


MarketWe love love love the stacks of books on the stairs (look at the left)


Our favorite drapes at market!



Margaret Russell is the editor-in-chief of "Elle Decor" magazine.Meeting Margaret Russell  (the Editor-in-Chief for Elle Decor) at a book signing for the release of her new book Style and Substance.”

Style and Substance


Natural and organic woods are becoming a trend.Their earthy quality really shines when juxtaposed with a simple little linen slipper chair, a stainless steel accessory, or a glass vase. Remember, its all about the mix! Contrasting materials make for a more interesting composition.

IMG_8084What a nice surprise!

As we were walking through Neal Johnson and Bourgeoise 3D’s showroom in Innerhall, this magazine cover caught our eye. It’s our featured article on the cover of Charlotte’s Home and Garden magazine! Bourgeoise 3D and Neal are based out of Charlotte and their line offers a great mix of newly interpreted case pieces and  beautiful antiques.

Bourgeoisie 3D

One of the popular items seen at market this fall were gypsy tents, posted outside of a number of buildings all around market. We picked up a flyer for “The Martyn House” and discovered that these tents are transformed into guest rooms at this little resort in Ellijay, GA

Wanna go Glamping??! (Glamorous Camping)

Have an event coming up? check out these fab reproduction tents and umbrellas. They come in many colors, sizes and styles. Visit


A Favorite Saying of Ours…

"Keep Calm and Carry On"

A little celebration.

On a beautiful fall, crisp day the aroma of mouthwatering onion tarts filled the air and poured out onto the front porch… where a little celebration was about to take place.

happy birthday!

A fun little birthday celebration! We bunched rice paper lanterns together and strung up cut-out paper circles that spelled out “happy birthday.”

happy birthday!

Place settings were white river rocks (displaying each persons name) on top of an oak leaf. A simple, organic table setting isn’t complete without these clusters of garden grown herbs bunched in several little glasses, scattered throughout the table.

Welcome to your luxurious life!

DSC03408Inspiration can come from anything… and anywhere. There you are, walking down the street in a mad morning rush to the office and bam! without warning that ruff and tumble wood door you always see for sale and pass every day somehow appears to you at that moment as inspiration for that cocktail table you have been pining for for your living room. The perfect, wood-worn, distressed wood top, and you never would have thought of it before.

Our blog, although we are a team of empowered interior designers, does not just focus on design principals for just the home. Instead, we wish to delve into the importance of a well-designed life and how to incorporate that into your day. Those little things that just make the difference in a holistic design approach that can be applied to every aspect of your life.

We are so excited to blog about our inspirations and forward them onto you. Your more luxurious life lies ahead so read on and enjoy!

The Fur Vest

Fur VestAs we were busting through the always-inspiring surroundings in a recent trip to New York City, it was obvious of one trend. The fur vest. Although it was far too warm to be wearing one at this point in the season, my trend radar tells me they are going to make an appearance this fall and winter seasons. What a fabulous accessory this season, vests are so versatile! Need a little help? Try one on with a great pair of skinny jeans and chucks with a classic tee. Want something a little more “oo-la-la?” Dress up a fur vest with a great-slightly (the key is slightly, don’t want to be too risqué) above-the-knee peasant dress with a great wedge boot and chunky belt. Gorgeous!