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Archive for November, 2009

What’s The Story?

In the studio we are fond of saying it’s all about the mix.  Themes can serve a commercial space well, but no one wants to live in a theme park.  There is delight in a home full of objects that represent the lives of the inhabitants and those of their loved ones.  We love to hear the story behind pieces.  The story inspires us to find ways to create a cohesive environment combining pieces from a variety of periods and evocative of a range of styles.  Here’s some more designs getting the mix just right…

tulip chairs                                               Antique wedge through tenon table paired with mid-century modern                                                     Tulip Chairs.  Two takes on the dynamic hour glass shape.

 gustavian dining chrs                                         Gustavian upholstered chairs and the ornate chandelier make an unexpected,                                      yet appropriate pairing with the trophy wall.


picasso africa prdThis blend of pieces makes us think of the influence African art had on France and the art world during the opening of the last century.   Think Matisse or Picasso’s studio during his African Period.

Music of the Spheres

Scholars and Astronomers once believed the universe was comprised of a series of perfect spheres nestled one inside the next, rotating independently.  The sound they made as they moved was termed music of the spheres.  We still think spheres bring harmony to the environment… interior and exterior.

sandstone spheresGeometric shapes serve as the perfect jewel in an organic setting.  As winter approaches architectural elements like these sand stone orbs add interest to an increasingly sparse landscape.

organic orb pendantsLove the contrast of organic material and simple geometry in these pendants.

geometric vegitation Of course the artful application of topiary perfectly expresses the beauty of a delightfully imperfect geometry.

Our Trip To NY

Our recent New York installation gave us the perfect opportunity to seek out fresh finds in one of New York’s bastions of design…ABC Carpet

abc store front

10 Stories of Fabu

NYC ABC Carpet

Surveying the scape.  So much to see.

NYC Pendants

Tom Dixon Beat Lights
These grand scale hand beaten brass pendants make for a dramatic grouping. The contrasting patina black exterior hides a brass interior glowing even when not illuminated.


Flowers, Flowers, Flowers. They can be tough. We love these arrangements for inspiration. Closely cropped and a limited color palette consisting of greens and whites are always winners, they never look overdone and work perfectly for any occasion, no matter the season or level of festivity.


A great organic bowl or pot can help vamp up any arrangement.

TIP: for your next great outdoor dinner- place several little jars throughout the table at random and fill with clusters of herbs, greenery and white or cream flowers.


Fashion vs. the Economy

"Fashion People Turn to Second Careers (to ride out the economic downturn)" p. 48 of fall 2009s "Time Style and Design"

"Fashion People Turn to Second Careers (to ride out the economic downturn)" p. 48 of fall 2009s "Time Style and Design"

Ok, I pulled this out of Time Magazine… you have to love this cartoon.

Dress for this Season

One of the defining characteristics of Lisa Sherry Interieurs’ style is our eclectic mix. One of the great features of this look is how classic and timeless a room can become. Like our interiors, this same eclectic look easily translates into couture.

With the winter winds rolling in, its about time for us to put away those cute summer clothes… sadly.

Hold on though! Get rid of those saddened thoughts, because here is an outfit to excite even the fondest of summer lovers! This inspiring eclectic ensemble, pulled out of Elle Magazine, shows how to throw together the perfect fall look.

Love the socks with the heels! (make sure they arn’t too thick though-or it will appear frumpy) This is a great way to convert those sassy, strappy summer heels into something more appropriate for the colder weather.

Fall Couture

The classic button down and vest are completed by a beautiful green jacket, giving the outfit an almost equestrian/ Ralph feel, however, then what pulls it all together is the graphic mini skirt to give it the flirty, casual feel it has. Perfect for a fall day.

Look what we did last week…

Interiors Marketplace is a retail concept boutique located in the quaint, sophisticated neighborhood of Meyers Park in Charlotte, NC, where several vendors share space with similar but different points of view, creating a wonderful shopping experience.
In our Interiors Marketplace space we are able to show first hand our eclectic mix and style that we offer to our clients in their homes. Our eclectic mix includes furniture and accessories as well as our soon to be  available custom upholstery and case piece line. One of our strengths is how we accessorize  so we are excited to have this available to purchase.
Here are some pictures from our install at Interiors Marketplace:

Interior Marketplace exterior

Walking through the front door you notice the calming color scheme that is evident throughout the entire store. We loved seeing that huge landscape as soon as you walk in! Gorgeous!
Interior Marketplace

It all starts to fall into place as our staff worked hard to make it happen!

Setting up shop!

And finally! The completed room filled with accessories and furniture:


Interiors Marketplace

Interior Marketplace

…And for those curious about who we are, we left some of the recent magazine articles featuring Lisa Sherry Interieurs on the cocktail table, full of images, that give unfamiliar guests an idea of our style.

Interior Marketplace

Post and Gray is a similar store that offers a different price point and look.( Think of the late, great Domino Magazine) Stay tuned for upcoming pictures of our installation there!