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Archive for June, 2010

Make A Run(ner) For It

You may think a stair runner is fusty (that’s right, I used fusty) or formal or antiquated, but we’d like the following images to tread on that notion.

This eclectic mix of rugs pieced together is a studio fav for the week.


Stairs are an architectural element we often overlook but they have so much potential.  Vertical stripes are a great way to emphasize stairs .  Love the neutral ground and one judicious gesture of dynamic color.


For the more color shy.  This single vertical strip serves to emphasize height and the sculptural quality of your stairs as well.

Horizontal stripes de-emphasize the height of the stairs to create a more intimate feel.


Or for a real twist, try the anti-runner.  Paint out the stairs and leave the strip where a runner would be natural.

A Bold Brush

One of our newest clients just bought a lovely old home with a patchwork of new and original flooring on the first floor.  The re-model will completely open up the spaces to each other, consequently exposing this mixed mash of old and new.  And while we must admit we are constantly going on about “the mix”, we seem to have found one of the few instances where the mix is so not working.  Our Solution to unify the variety of old and new wood flooring?  PAINT IT!  So while we’re on the subject of painted floors here are some more ideas to inspire.I know we’ve used this image before, but we can’t help it.  So much is right with this space.
On the opposite end of the spectrum these more graphic paint jobs get us excited too.

Great pattern and inspired color for a small space like a vestibule or powder room.

Smoothing the Modern Edge



A great way we soften all those shiny and/or hard surfaces is to add a touch of softness and texture.

This Weeks Studio Mantra

Romancing the Summer Wardrobe

.                                                                                             Designs by Malene Birger

Soft hues with lots of Sparkle are just the right mix for a summer day and they also light up for a fun night!

Father’s Day Stationary


One of our signature PRINCIPES or principles…

Telephone, Text, and Email  (but send a lovely letter once in a while)

Loving these artfully hand letterpressed cards from Sideshow Press.  Great with a gift or as one.

We’re Back!

So we’ve been away from our digital baby for a while, one reason Kathryn has been tending to her real baby!  Meet little Cooper.

And as the seasons have changed so has business.  We are busier than ever.  As well as completing a number of projects, we’re currently working with clients in Manhattan , Charlotte, Raleigh, Minneapolis, and hosting our EXterieur event.

Our Summer resolution – have fun of course!  To kick off Summer we thought a post with less words and more play was in order.  So scroll on for some tear sheets we think sing of Summer fun.






Our Summer mantra – Don’t forget to play!