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Archive for July, 2010

Olives-Not Just For Martinis!

Just got the fashion scoop from Domby, my sister’s fabulously chic clothing store in Iowa City.  (Yes Iowa, but don’t let that fool you.  It’s 2010, in the age of the Jetson’s you can be chic anywhere.)  But I digress…  Olive shades are big!  Let this tear sheet inspire you to up the chic factor and have fun with color this fall.

It’s August and we’re starting the summer school session!  So sit up and pay attention.  Or just relax and scroll through at your leisure.  Either way there’s lots to learn.

Found at Sea

Nautical elements in interiors can easily get theme-ey if they’re not applied judiciously. And who wants to live on the set of Gilligan’s Island?  That’s were a designer can come in handy.  We take a step back from the project and offer the restrained wisdom that comes with experience.  Let these interiors inspire the reserved, but fun approach nautical should be.

Such a great mix of moody blues.

Window treatment evocative of sails, but not an actual sail, strikes a subtle balance.

The galley of an old schooner?

Fly Like Paper

I recently watched PBS’s Independent Lens:  Between The Folds.  It’s a fascinating documentary about origami.  One of the subjects in the film makes the observation that folding is a fundamental design element for everything from your shirt collar to your eyelids.  Amazing how complex structures can be created from such an elementary action.  The doc had me searching out more paper sculptures and I found some truly beautiful works of art.

These creations fashioned by Anna Wili are truly imbued with the energy of the creatures they represent


Marie Antoinette eat your heart out.  Love these gorgeous paper wigs from Amy Flurry and Nikki Salk from Paper Cut Project.


Richard Sweeney’s modular paper sculptures make geometry look like fun . . . for him.

Richard Sweeney for Selfridges Flagship store in London.

A Dry Sense Of Fashion

I’m sure this far into the summer you’ve found the most fabulous beach bag and it’s racking up the miles.  But don’t forget your towel is just as integral to your beach ensemble as those Prada sandals.   Here are some low and high options to complete that beach bombshell look.

Beautiful brocade inspired designs by Amy Butler


Wallet feeling high or low?  High?  Try Tory Burch.

Low?  Try Dwell Studio for Target

Our flag fetish realized in towel form!  From Trussardi.

Burberry says don’t forget the baby.

Oh, and PS…

Who says rattan is just for sitting?  Love this rattan clutch from Tory Burch.

Ocean Inspired Spread

Arrange a splendid seafood table scape with these scrimshaw inspired accessories available from the Lisa Sherry Interieurs Online Boutique.  These darling tea towels make for quirky place mats or heat pads.  My favorite is that whale of a serving dish.  Perfect for the ceviche recipe below.

Seafood By The Seashore

Ceviche is a wonderfully impromptu seafood dish.  Any mix of seafood (Pacific Halibut, Yellowtail snapper, shrimp, scallops, etc) is marinated in lime juice and the acids cook the seafood.  There is no strict science to the proportions.  It doesn’t even require heat!  Although the citric acids from the lime don’t kill bacteria the same way fire does, with fresh fish from a reputable purveyor there’s no need to worry.  If you are a bit leery, the seafood can be briefly boiled before marinating.

Remove skin and bones from fish and cut into squares.  Lightly salt the fish.  (If you prefer, boil a few cups lightly salted water.  Add cut fish and other seafood such as shrimp or scallops whole for a minute.  Immediately follow with an ice bath.)  Cut the whole seafood.  Combine all with lime and lemon juice.  Four to Five limes and four to five lemons should be enough to cover.  Let marinade for at least two hours.

Following the marinade, drain excess liquid and add remaining ingredients such as avocado, cilantro, chili peppers, salt and pepper to taste.

Home Again, Home Again, Market Is Done

As promised I have your Atlanta Gift Show report.  Lots of fun color and vintage inspired goodies.  Feeling a lot of the eclectic and collected.



Searching High And Low

We’re gearing up for Fall and headed to the Atlanta gift show.   We’ll be hunting and gathering the latest to bring back for Lisa Sherry Online Boutique and our store concepts.  In the mean time the accessories show has got me thinking of favorite table-scapes.  Enjoy!





Beads can add a nice texture and relax an otherwise too fussy arrangement.

proof that truly anything looks cool under a cloche!

Love the framed art and polaroid as equally precious objects.

Spotted In The Studio

Jesse’s fabuously embroidered shirt from Laguna Beach Jean Co. has us itching to stitch.