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Archive for December, 2010

A wish for the New Year

Drink some bubbly. Swing from a chandelier. Kiss a stranger.

Celebrate and Meditate.

What do you want in 2011?

Principe #6:

Happy New Year, everyone!

Is it too soon?

Glancing out the window at 6″ of snow on the ground, the idea of a little sun (and maybe a sandal) is welcome. From the Tory Burch Resort Collection:

Christmas Wish(es)

Why stop at one? Who says you can’t have it all? Not Us!

Hope your Christmas is…




Warm & Snuggly:


Surprisingly White:

or Pink:

But most of all, full of love:

All of these things, from us to you! Merry Christmas, everyone!

For 2011, our Best Dressed dressing rooms.

Next year is looking to be a busy one for the studio, with a lot of very special clients and some really exciting projects to come. Truly, all of our clients are VIP’s to us, and we have to thank you all for making Lisa Sherry Interieurs what it is today. But while we’re onto the next set of projects, let us share with you the beginnings of our research on a fun makeover… a new dressing area is in the future for a 20’s era home in the heart of a historic neighborhood in North Carolina.

We love the idea that this area of the home can be a lounge of sorts. To be able to linger in a beautiful space each morning as we prepare to face the world… that’s our definition of living the Luxe Life.

If you’re the creative director of J. Crew, you really should have a dedicated dressing room in your Brooklyn townhome:

Black built-in wardrobes = instant drama:

But white is always welcome:

combining the dressing area with the bath can turn two small rooms into one spacious place for pampering:

If a full renovation isn’t in your future, a well placed mirror, ottoman, and open wardrobes turn an empty wall into a mini-retreat.

Add a few feminine touches, choose products for the beautiful bottle… why not? This is a place for you, and while it needs to be functional we all need a little fantasy in our lives, too. We love to see every room in a home reflect the owner’s personal style.

A sneak peak

What’s this riot of color all about? We’re sharing some of the tear sheets that jump started one of our Minneapolis projects; and this project is steadily nearing installation. These creative clients have been a blast to work with, and we’ve really been flexing our print, pattern, and color muscles on this home!

Brrrr! Layer up!

Is this the coldest winter in forever or what? Our friends in the Upper Mid-West are dealing with a deep freeze, but we’re not staying much warmer down here in the South. Layering is your friend…and these ladies look lovely doing it. Some pages from our own personal Style Files:

A little holiday glitz…

If it hadn’t already snowed here in North Carolina, we might not have realized just how close we are to the end of yet another fantastic year. The holidays are the perfect excuse to take a minute and make some pretty around the house…and it’s so easy to do. Our inspiration pics:

Lots and lots of lanterns can’t hurt:

No tree? Baubles & ornaments can live anywhere. Layer in candles or glowing fairy lights:

To quote Jonathan Adler, (and Kathryn), “Minimalism is a Bummer”. More is Merrier!

Remember it doesn’t have to be all Christmas Balls and Reindeer. Glass containers filled with pretty objects, coral, or even shells feel festive by candlelight:

Sure there can be just a little stress this time of year, but it’s important to remember your sense of humor! It doesn’t all have to be perfect; have some fun! A strategically placed garland recalls Rudolph:

Mother Nature does holiday decor right. Bring on the snow!

images via Living Etc and My Favorite and My Best.

Back from New Orleans…

…and completely inspired!

Just returned from a visit with our newest New Orleans client, and we were so amazed at what we saw there. Of course, NOLA has so much to offer in the form of architectural and design inspiration, but the changes that have taken place there since Katrina, and the sheer determination to rebuild this city by it’s inhabitants and it’s conscientious cohorts from around the globe is enough to awaken anyone’s enthusiasm . We’re so excited to be able to say that we are taking part, in our own way, in the rebirth of this city.

Susan & Lisa take a moment in the French Quarter:

Inspiration is everywhere:

A city of secret gardens, and beautiful courtyards…

lemons in an olive jar!

Now THAT’s a knob. Doors that survived Katrina, and doors that did not:

NOLA truly has a style all it’s own:

Maybe the most surprising part of our trip was our visit to the 9th Ward. After Katrina, much of this area was completely destroyed. With the help of Make It Right, NOLA,  there is an amazing amount of new construction- all of it sustainably built. Some of our pics:

and some of the images off of the Make it Right site:

Since first envisioned by actor Brad Pitt in 2007, Make it Right’s team of over 21 international architects have concepted, and by the end of this month, will have completed nearly 150 LEED certified homes on this site that was once completely devastated by Katrina. Eco-friendly, thoroughly modern, and absolutely inspiring- the Make it Right community is now the largest, greenest neighborhood of single family homes in America.

And here’s a peak at our project. Our clients weathered this life changing storm, a home where all was lost, furniture floating in 9 feet of water. The outside of the home has been rebuilt, and we are completely honored to assist them in re-imagining their lives on the inside.

Mixology Holiday Hours! Don’t Miss It!

Our Sentiments Exactly!

Icon Elsa Peretti’s elegant designs look as modern today as they did when first created for Tiffany & Co. Rooted in nature, the deceptively simplistic forms acquire a sophisticated twist, be it a crystal Thumbprint Bowl or a sterling Bone Candlestick.

They call to mind our own philosophies for design & life. What is Principe No. 3? Live in Reality (but dress it up)!

image via House Beautiful