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Archive for January, 2011

“Closet of Style”- Catherine Horgan breaks down Spring!

This weekend we got a tease of Spring weather down here in the South…and we’re ready, trust. Just in time, then, that Neiman Marcus’ Fashion Maven of the Year (and our own close & personal friend- lucky us!) Catherine Horgan breaks down the Spring 11 must-haves! We asked Catherine what she was looking forward to for Spring, what trends she finds irresistible, and where she’ll be shopping for the latest accessories. So without further ado, Here’s what this accomplished personal stylist and self proclaimed skin care addict had to say:

Trench: Always a must have! For spring, go light in color and weight. And consider chic detail. It’s timeless, so you can’t go wrong.

Shoes: Heels will get higher in a variety of platforms and strappy numbers. But the wedge for spring ’11 was perfected by Lanvin — I want the same style in every color and pattern!

Make-up: Bright, yet sheer, lips will make an impact.

Handbags: Structure is still in. The duffel makes a come back and no one does it better than Chloe.

Sunglasses: It’s all about the oversized retro cat eye! Alexander McQueen’s version is an easy transition for most face shapes.

Spring 2011 ushers in a new theme of minimalism. Fluid movement supports this in every form and function.

Color Palette: Spring ’11 is full of life and bold color — on the exotic side!

Prints: All shapes and sizes will take hold, especially stripes and geometric patterns.

Styles/Cuts/Fabrics: Longer hem lengths, layers and angled cuts will continue into spring. Wide leg trousers are back. And so are sheers … but in mega doses for spring! While fall was all about the legwear, the upcoming season brings neckwear, i.e., exaggerated necklines! New cuts: trapezoid tops and bi-level angled skirts and dresses.

Jewelry: While jewelry will be minimal in quantity, it should be fun and intricate. Go bold with color and detail. Laura James is a favorite!

Hair: From loose waves to woven locks to messy, low ponytails, hair will truly be low maintenance.

Spend some time with Catherine over at Closet of Style for more tips and the inside scoop on the everything from fashion to health & beauty. Catherine also has the enviable job of “product tester”, and she chronicles all of her finds on the blog.

Thanks, Catherine!

Have a (let’s pretend) weekend.

Ok, so it’s below freezing for most of the country, but let’s just pretend we’re headed outside for a little poolside quality time with our fave magazines. And of all places! This is Cynthia Rowley’s backyard… in the West Village (via Shelterpop).

Happy Weekend!

So many reasons to celebrate!

“Anybody can be cool, but AWESOME takes practice.”- Lorraine Peterson

Happy Birthday to the most fantastic, inspiring, gutsy, gracious and downright fabulous person in our world!

And congrats to us all- a new and exciting chapter at LSI! Pats on the back all around!

Considering: layered living

Thinking a little about layering this week. While we love a neutral room, we can’t let it be bland…layering textures and a little bit of added shine is always the answer! We’ve been combing through tear sheets (part of our new years organizing plan) and we figured we’d share some we rediscovered with you:

Can’t imagine a more relaxing, “casual luxe” bedroom by Frank Delle Donne:

Chippy,sleek,stripe,woven- via Anne Sage:

The power of the trellis, still undeniable. Love sleek cabinets:

Organic wood table, molded chairs with textural art and shine of chandelier = good:

Audible sigh:

Texture & geometry in screen with organic cocktail base- oh, and a hide? Yes:

All about a lucite barstool:

Chrome, bamboo, marble- feminine yet bold. It’s a keeper:

apologies- most of the sources of the above are unknown. Fill us in if you recognize any!

Thanks, Sarah!

Big thanks to Sarah at Flourish Design & Style for featuring us today on her beautiful blog. Check it out here: Flourish Design

You have seen this, right?

At this point, it’s kind of hard to imagine the internet, much less the fashion world, without the Sartorialist.

Loving the peak into his creative process- isn’t it always inspiring to learn how an artist’s mind works?

And while we’re talking fashion, this recent pic he shot in Paris- how do we feel about the Paper Bag silhouette? Discuss amongst yourselves…

Admiring Isabel

So much to be inspired by… the work of architect and designer, Isabel Lopez Quesada. These images have been around the blogosphere, but really are you tired of looking at them? Didn’t think so.

Happy New Year! Again!

It’s not deja vu. We’re just a little late this year, but hey, we’ve been busy! Sure we’ve thought some, and even posted some, about our goals for 2011. Getting more organized, eating better, tying up loose ends- all important. So much has happened in 2010- a slew of fantastic clients, intense and exhilarating installations, collaborations and new faces at LSI. And we’re happy. Every client we’ve had has been a pleasure to work with. Beyond a pleasure- they make it possible to do what we love, and we love them for that! So thankful!

We started 2011 at -3F. Do you want proof? Here’s Lisa’s iphone the morning of our Minneapolis installation:

We had big plans to show you our pics from this home as soon as we finished getting it ready for our clients to move on in. But. We can’t! And not because we don’t want to. Because we think it’s too damn good! Goal #1 for 2011- get this home published. Have to save it for the editors of the world. Cross your fingers for us. We CAN show you some pics of the process- are you seeing that snow? Don’t worry, the inside of the home is so bright, sunny, and colorful, we barely felt the cold (well, almost).

And so for 2011, beyond creating new and fab relationships with clients, What else do we want? The team is headed to Bald Head Island next week for a touch of R&R, and a lot of good old fashion brainstorming. You’re going to start to see a few changes on the blog, and we’re rebuilding our online shop for Mixology, which will launch very soon. We’ll be putting our heads together to make LSI bigger, better, and more….fun! Because honestly, why do it if it’s not?

For the coming year…

Let’s play in the sun:

Live the everyday with extra style:

A dream job in an dreamy corner of the globe (why not?):

Chill more. You can’t act on amazing ideas if you don’t give yourself time to create them:

And live in the present, but keep our eyes on the future:

All smiles. Looking forward to another great year.

images via Mikkel Vang

Something Unexpected

This image really caught our collective eye this week. Everyone’s been talking about Confetti System, especially since they were tapped to team up with JCrew for their holiday window displays this season. But this is a whole new level- this beautiful confetti fringed wall at Nanashi in Paris:

Beyond the colors being fantastic, the technique is totally unexpected, not to mention just…FUN! And what is Nanashi, we had to explore…well now we need to get to Paris, stat, for their delicious Veggie Bento Box: YUM!

images via Confetti System and Girls Guide to Paris

Start the year off right: Eat More Veggies!

Is it time to atone for all the cookies, cakes, and pies of last year? This recipe is one of our favorite ways to repent. Quinoa has become a”fashionable food” as of late, and with good reason. It’s the only grain that is a source of protein- great news for vegetarians, and just generally better for all of us. Super easy to make & perfect for the rest of your winter nights.