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Archive for February, 2011

Old is New… wallpaper & fabric by Meg Braff

What most of you know is that Meg Braff is an extremely talented and sought after designer. Published in numerous magazines and blogs, she’s managed to create a look that is timeless, yet all her own. But what you DON’T know is that we are well within the 6 degrees of separation; Meg was the college roomie of our own Susan Simpson. About 4 months ago Susan mentioned that Meg had bought an old wallpaper company, with the goal of breathing a little life into their mid century designs. And so she has.

Seen above, L to R: “Sporting D’ete”, “Up a Tree”, “Meadow Reed” and “Sasa”.

There’s been a lot of buzz about metallic in wallpapers. Many of Meg’s designs are printed on mylar as an option. See “Sampan”, next to green “Fern” fronds below:

Some of the most versatile papers in the collection come in the form of fantastic small scale geometrics. They remind us of DVF’s vintage “Diane” collection. See, everyone is finding value in their archives! Below, adorable “Laurie”, “Kikki” and sure classics “Endura” and “Costa del Sol”:

Congratulations, Meg! Click over to MBD to see all of Meg’s fantastic vintage prints in fresh new colorways.

Have a Stylish Weekend…

-Lauren Hutton via JCrew, Alexander Wang’s niece via Style Frizz

Which comes first?

Does fashion inspire interiors or do interiors inspire fashion? I think it’d be safe to say at this time it’s a little bit of both. We for one LOVE looking at the runways for inspiration, and a great fashion spread can sometimes give more interior inspiration that a shelter mag. At the moment, loving the teal, electric blue, and gold color story. It’s cropping up everywhere…

images- Nate Berkus, the Sartorialist, and Rue issue #3.

Open the windows, Let the sunshine in….

Maybe that groundhog was right? We’re starting to feel it…

Just a month or two more …today the first golden daffodil showed it’s face!

images via A Place to Dream, Pretty Stuff, source unknown, Sara is Cool, source unknown

Have a (Be Brave) Weekend.

Most of you aren’t privy to our privy. The internet is ridiculously voyeuristic, so what the hay? We’ve papered ours with tear sheets galore:

iphone sees it like this:

And if you’ve been reading this blog you know we love an inspirational quote. Every day we see this:

Some weeks are tougher than others, and as many a designer will tell you it’s not all glitz and glamour. Lots of hard work, and the pay-off is almost never immediate. Highs and lows, but we’re always thankful to be doing what we love. Sometimes we all need a little pep talk. So be brave, babies. Face your fears head on. Take your lumps & lessons, and keep on moving.

Big ol’ Kisses from us at LSI. Hope your weekend is bold and beautiful!

Ab Fab- Moroccan Wedding Blankets

Feeling a little exotic today, and itching to travel abroad. So maybe it’s no surprise that these Moroccan Wedding Blankets on Arianna Interiors caught our eye. The lucky girl is headed to Marrakech, staying at Peacock Pavilions.

The place looks like the perfect balance of design, luxury, and authenticity. After all when you’re in Morocco, you want to feel like you’re in Morocco, right? Arianna, we are so jealous!

Our February Crush of the Month

With the face and style of a cherubic vintage Valentine, we’ve tapped Graphic Designer Bri Emery as our February “Crush of the Month”. Drool-worthy layouts and type work combined with humor and joie de vivre, we have Bri bookmarked. See her latest work in each issue of Rue, and follow Design Love Fest for her unique take on what’s hot.

Have a (heartfelt) weekend!

It’s last minute shopping time for your Valentine… maybe this year you should make a loving spoonful instead? Try this recipe for Coeur a la Creme via From Me to You.

Happy Weekend!

Spotted- Glass Disc Chandeliers

Open for discussion… do we like this trend? Seen recently in the new Rue Magazine, the glass disc sconces stand out as an elegant counterpoint in the eclectic apartment they reside in. Vintage Mazzega from the 60s is colorful/modern. And 1stdibs has an amazingly varied selection of Vistosi (seen bottom right). So do we like?

Or are we more likely to go bubble? You can’t deny the beauty of Ochre’s bespoke lighting:

Speaking of bubble, seen on decorpad:

Which way would you go?

We want to go to there…Lime Wood

With a revived interior by David Collins, set “deep in an ancient English forest” (their words, but we’ll take it), Lime Wood is a British boutique hotel. An hour and a half from London, this country manor looks like the perfect place to curl up in front of a fire and read a book. That is, if we had time to read books at the moment. Calgon, take us away…

Photographed by Richard Powers for Vogue Living, Australia