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Archive for May, 2011

When words fail us, you need to buy a plane ticket.

If you read this blog you know we were in NYC & managed to hit the Met for the McQueen retrospective. It’s been more than two weeks and we’re still trying to figure out how to sum up what we were able to see. Our faces were inches, and with the crowd we mean it- inches from some of the most fantastic and inspired garments ever created.  It was overwhelming. It’s one of those moments when you think “my feeble human mind can not absorb this beauty”. Thank God they printed a book. Beyond the spectacle of the display, the tailoring was perfection.

First and foremost, you have to see this exhibit. If you care at all for what McQueen did, for his ideas and his creative courage… you should go. They extended the exhibit until August 7th, it’s been such a huge success.

Of course, the success of this show is also our biggest frustration: the lines were long, and the place was packed. It was very difficult to enjoy the pieces to the hilt with the throngs. Expect to be shoved and pushed through the galleries. It was a surprise to us that there was such an overwhelming response. Be prepared.

Another aspect of the show that would have been easier to appreciate with less of a crowd was the way it was assembled and curated. Andrew Bolton and his team did a bang up job. With less people in the way we’re sure we could have appreciated the total environment that he created to house the various pieces- each gallery was dedicated to different time periods, shows, & methods of showing off the work. The music that accompanied the clothes created an atmosphere and other worldliness that we would love the opportunity to really sit with and take in… but, alas, that crowd issue again…

Dresses from Plato’s Atlantis, Spring/Summer 2010. As the years went on, it felt as though color and print technique became more a part of McQueen’s storytelling.

image from the show via

Aside from being completely inspired by the clothes, headpieces, and shoes, a lasting impression was made by the video clips of various runway shows throughout McQueen’s time as a designer (including that hologram of Kate Moss from 2006).

Images of the exhibit via this is a yes. The McQueen tartan plaid

What is so striking is what he asked of his models- he made them perform. They were actors, they were modern dancers, they were more than pretty faces, or clothes hangers. They were asked to embody his inspiration- to BE the stories that he was trying to tell.

the Cabinet of Curiosities Gallery housed accessories and showcased videos of past runway shows

human chess pieces, from Its Only A Game- Spring/Summer 2005

Does that sound corny? It’s what we took with us from this show; Alexander McQueen believed in his vision & he brought it into being. He was an artist whose medium was fashion- in his own words. In the words of the curator: “His fashions were an outlet for his emotions, an expression of the deepest, often darkest, aspects of his imagination. He was a true romantic in the Byronic sense of the word- he channeled the sublime.”

We wonder if he ever took “no” for an answer? We like to think not.

There is no picture, no sentence we can really write to explain this exhibit. Just go.

For more videos and McQueen, visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s blog.



You know what time it is…

The pool is officially open! Of course we’re all wishing we were a little more Slim at the moment…

You are coming here for a steady stream of bad puns, right?

photos by Slim Aarons

Recent tearsheets

We love to rip a page out of a magazine. Even better is grabbing a magazine that’s been sitting around at the beach house for a year, and rediscovering the content. There’s always something we didn’t see the first time that suddenly “clicks”. From Belle:

Great mix:

Rugs with big borders:

Big art:

photos via belle

Recently in NYC

Last week we ran into the Rug Co. about 4 minutes from closing time to get a quick eyefull of some of the new designs and some of our old favorites. For us, nothing beats seeing them in person. 20 minutes later we were still talking with Evan, one of the designers, specifically focused on all of the wallcoverings. Originally intended to be used as prototypes for woven versions, the printed tapestries will remain one of a kind pieces in the showroom only (the woven versions have been put on the backburner).

The addition of custom painting by various artists on each piece add to the uniqueness and chicness.Here is a pic we took where you can clearly see the addition of blue palm fronds:

And a close-up of the big bear, with added geometric bits:

Isn’t this giving you ideas for what you could print and put on your walls? How about what you can do with a few nailheads. This piece is right in the entry, & the color is still giving us chills. Note the tapestry that hangs behind- a long English country road:

Oh, yes, and the rugs in these pics… there is not one we would not find use for. Agreed?

Check out the Rug Co. blog here, where you can see pics of their recently opened Beirut location, and of course more fabulous rugs.

image 1 Habitually Chic, 2& 3 LSI, image 4 the Rug Co.

Decorating tips from Amy Sedaris.

While we were in NY we grabbed an old New York Magazine and stumbled upon possibly the best/worst decorating advice you could ever take to heart. We love Amy Sedaris & don’t know anyone who doesn’t. From her days as Jerri Blank to her book on how to be a hosting success (we have it, it’s hilarious, and you need to go and buy it today) we just can’t get enough of her unique take on life and how to live it. In case you missed the article…

Step 1: Decorate as if you “own a child”. Fake food collection in the kitchen pantry? Check.

You need to wrap the rubber turkey in tin foil during the holidays. It’s important to keep your fake food consistent with the season.

Turn your office into the “baby’s room”, even if you don’t “own” a baby. Scatter children’s shoes throughout.

Amy actually does all of her crafting in here (those are her potholders on the floor):

Adorn your most prized lamps with shades draped in vintage hair dye samples. Maybe this is not for everyone?

In her place it seems to work:

Start odd collections. If you can’t find multiples of what you want to collect, hire an artist.

Sedaris commissioned multiple wooden bats to add to her original collection of 2 (this is actually kind of a good idea).

For more details, such as where not to put the papier mache cyclops, read the full article here. And if you find any vintage hair dye samples, let us know. First & foremost we believe your home should be filled with things you like, and if that includes stage weapons, then so be it. Have fun, for goodness sake!

all pics, including first image of painting of a terrier by David’s boyfriend Hugh (isn’t it a great painting?) via NYMag

Down from the Clouds

Last week was lovely, but it’s time to come back down to earth. We’ve been so overwhelmed with your positive feedback and kind messages via email, twitter & facebook regarding the Lonny shoot. Patrick’s photos are just beautiful. We can’t stress enough how amazing everyone at Lonny was. We just feel blessed to be doing what we’re doing- doing what we love. And so it’s back to it. Half of the team is in NYC this week (and hopes to sneak some pics of Savage Beauty to share with you) for a quick shot of urban inspiration. We’re at all stages of planning and design for a number of projects; all with their own distinct personalities and needs- each to match the home and family they’re meant for. Tweets & sneak peaks to come!

photos via amazingly talented photographer Jose Villa’s blog

Behind the scenes at our Lonny shoot!

So the new May/June issue of Lonny is out, and WE’RE IN IT!  We were dying to tell you about this when we first found out it was going to happen but we had to contain ourselves. We’re just so thrilled with how all of Patrick’s photos turned out- it was kind of a dreary on the day of the shoot, and he doesn’t use any extra lighting. In the end, the home appears just as light filled and airy in the pics as it does in real life. And can we just boast about how attractive our homeowners are? Such a great photo of them!

We made sure to take plenty of behind the scenes shots (iphone, so excuse any blurriness), and our friend and homeowner Scott Vincent took plenty of great pics as well. Here’s the shoot from our point of view, with pics of Michelle (who is just magnetic, by the way) and Patrick at work:

We headed into Minneapolis on April 26th and made our way to the home of Courtney & Scott Vincent.

A shot of the exterior; we love this home- kind of rainy, the morning of the shoot:

When Michelle & Patrick arrived, they immediately started snapping away. A few from the stairs-

L to R, Lisa, Patrick, Courtney holding baby Pearl, & Michelle:

Lisa watches Patrick set up the shot of the collage wall in the living room:

The girls entertain themselves with the coloring book placemats:

This family is just so photogenic!

A little interview and a shot with Lisa:

Holden is not as shy as she’d have you believe…

Did you know that Patrick shoots film? Film. For a digitally produced magazine. It kind of surprised us.

He said he prefers the romance of film. We love a man who uses words like “romance”.

Scott & Courtney pose for their close-up:

We love this group shot of Courtney, Pearl, Lisa, Michelle & Patrick:

It was really an honor to be chosen for this issue. Again we want to thank everyone who helped to make it happen (including our amazing clients who have become friends!) and want to thank Michelle & Patrick for a laid back & fun shoot.

We’re thrilled with the outcome!

Haven’t seen it in Lonny yet? Click here.


What a little jade & pink can do

When you can look at a design created 6 years ago and it still excites you, it’s got to be good. Grant Gibson recently reminded us of this Martha Angus interior created for the SF Showhouse in 2005. Above the chinoiserie de Gournay wallpaper, above the Warhol, it’s that stack of hot pink boxes that holds the attention.

I’d really like to ask Martha what the impetus was for that fantastic stack (Is it a piece of postmodern art that we’re not familiar with? We know Martha is often the designer of choice for collectors of major works). Martha, if you’re reading this, do tell! We want to know the story!


This room is really our Mixology philosophy at work. Martha has a new blog, so we’ll be watching the direction she takes there.

images via Grant K. Gibson and Martha Angus Inc.


Lay It Low Weekend- Pizza on the Grill

Recently, after a quick trip to a client’s home in Minneapolis (more on that next week…) we were reminded of the simple pleasures of grilled pizza. And with the weekend on it’s way, we’re thinking of recreating our mid-western meal. It feels like the perfect laid back Saturday dinner, with a glass of wine or a good locally brewed  beer. So where do we turn when we need simple yet tasty recipe inspiration? Martha, of course. We’ll have either of these. Or both.

Click the pic for each recipe.

We hope everyone can enjoy a laid back weekend, as we plan to before we gear up for the big week to come.

Looking forward to sharing lots of recent installation pics with you all very soon!

An evening with Oscar at the Mint

Last week we posted a little about the Mint Museum’s Room to Bloom Celebration. We had a FANTASTIC time at the Symposium with the charming Miles Redd- he really left us inspired with his devil-may-care attitude towards design. There was an audible gasp from the “ladies who lunch” when Redd suggested you faux marble over unattractive marble. He talked about his love of lacquer, his fondness for painting a lampshade, and was just a ball of pizazz and inspiration. Love this man, we do. We posted a couple extra pics of that event to our FB page. The CommenceMint party at the home of Kitty and Ted Garner was also quite fab; we had a great time with our friend Valerie Pressley, a kitchen designer in Charlotte, and Greg Perry of Greg Perry Design. The Garner’s home is amazing… we can’t help but share this pic with you:

Because you know we’re huge fans of built in seating, we were dying over this little nook in the dressing room. And Kitty’s wardrobe- it was everything we could do to stop ourselves from having an impromptu fashion show. Speaking of, Friday night was the big Oscar de la Renta event. Here’s Lisa at the loft office prior to our departure- Mr. Richmond is looking on in approval. The entrance to the Art of Style event with gowns on loan for public viewing…

The details on these gowns are stunning. Susan and Lisa had to pose a bit, both having a “green moment” here:

The man of the hour, Oscar de la Renta. We practically sat right behind him…

And then the runway:

Our friend, client and stylist Catherine Horgan was lucky enough to be backstage. Here’s her backstage video. It was an amazing night. We want to congratulate the Mint Museum Auxiliary on their successful week of Art and Style. Looking forward to next year!

all images copyright Lisa Sherry Interieurs, except for entrance to event, via Style Sanctum