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Archive for August, 2011

Spring turns to Summer turns to Fall

We’re sure that most of you read Anna Spiro’s blog, “Absolutely Beautiful Things”.

It’s strange to be sitting on one side of the globe, trying to hold on to the last bits of Summer while reading of her plans to start her garden. She’s calling for Spring, with dahlias and daisies in her future. Meanwhile, here, the leaves on the poplars are already starting to turn.

For those of us in this hemisphere, here’s to the waning days of summer. Ours was perfection. Hope you had your fun!

bye bye, pool. Hello football.

We say yes to…

…after Labor Day.

Already planning to pair black leggings and tights with white dresses, white denim tucked into boots we’ve had since high school, and if you’re lucky we’ll break out the vest like RR in the Great Gatsby!

images via Fashion Gone Rogue, House and Home, unknown, pinterest, Mr. Redford via Esquire article on men wearing white after LD.

A thought for your Friday

 House Beautiful’s Sept issue features this Thomas O’Brien Sophia mirror for Hickory Chair. We loved this piece when we saw it in their recent ads, and Barry Dixon’s use of the small scale vintage bench underneath is the definition of delightful. It reminds us that “improper” rule breaking ideas of scale and color can sometimes yield truly genius results.

We’re reminding ourselves as we head into the weekend to think differently, to challenge preconceived notions, and to get out there and create something beautiful. Have a great one, everybody!

When Good People Do Bad Things

It’s time again to visit the Wall of Shame. If anyone can explain this, we’ll be happy to listen.

Nothing says “I love my little girl” like a wall of vaguely hostile poodles.

We kid, we kid. This is a showroom. But. Still.

Mirror, Mirror, on Every Wall.

While perusing the latest Veranda our eyes zeroed in on these Ann Sacks mirror tiles:

Anyone who is familiar with the “LSI aesthetic” will tell you that one of our top tenents is the use of mirrors. We like them EVERYWHERE. In Lisa’s own home, they’re used every which way including the kitchen backsplash- you’ll see more of that in September.

In our Mixology store, we covered an entire wall in the front room with them. And then layered more mirrors on top:

And we’ve just suggested to a client that his butler’s pantry be completely mirrored, which will add a sense of generosity & glamour to what would normally be a pass-thru space.

We are highly in favor of liberal mirror distribution. Can we get a candidate to run on that platform?

Recent mirrored wall inspiration from Martyn Lawrence Bullard in this bath:

Another bath with antiqued mirror wall:

Also in a bath, or on any mirrored wall, we approve of more mirror layering. This is a great way to take a “builder basic” bathroom mirror & make it more to your taste. We especially appreciate the addition of the sconce:

Moving to the kitchen:

And another room where the addition of a mirror wall is a natural:

While much of the looks we have seen above skew traditional or girly glam, this image from Lonny makes the case for mirrors with modern:

Remember the rule- If you need a window where there is only a wall- use a mirror.

World of Color, Print & Pattern

Continuing on with our travel thoughts this week, we bring you inspiration from every which way.

Barcelona, Marrakesh, India, Venice.

Embellishment, Adornment, Color. We’ve heard whispers on the Twitter Machine that we’re sure to see a lot more of a global influence at High Point Market this year. We love to watch the trends in interiors, though we night not necessarily follow them, it should be interesting to see which side of the globe we end up on come October.

John Robshaw Fall- Turkish Delight

It’s that time of year we start getting little postcards in the mail advertising new Fall collections. Lisa is currently delighting in the latest from John Robshaw- definitely appeals to LSI’s more neutral toned interior inclinations…

We hadn’t been by the JR site in a while so we did a little investigating. His blog is a really interesting read, as he is always back from some fantastic place. And so to add to this little “travel theme” we’ve developed this week, we suggest you check out his photos and tales of his trip to Istanbul. These pics, in particular, look like they could have inspired some of the lighter palette for Fall. Beautiful!!

 John Says:

The Fall collection is the soft blue pink stones of the Hagia Sophia mosque, the deep indigos and corals of Iznik tiles, piles of pomegranate inspire me to add in saturated reds, massive calligraphic roundels become new patterns. Calls to prayers are my backdrop as I sip sweet black tea and a bus pulls up to unload tourists.”

The cover of his online catalog (which looks like it runs similarly to the online interiors mags) is darling-

and the product inside is to-die-for. Click here to link to his site, and here to see the catalog.

If you’re interested in purchasing John Robshaw bedding and textiles, we have the connection! Just shoot us an email.

Louis, Enchanted in India

Twitter turned us on to this little bit o’ branding for the Louis Vuitton Travel Collection, and now we’re all hankering to head East. Our friend Ron Fiore said it best, “Travel makes you honest”. There are corners of the world we might never see, but we’ve a renewed intent to find a far-flung locale in the next year, to search for the authentic- to become a little more “honest”. LV is making a good case for India…

See their full video here & additional product shots here.

Mini Luxe

This past week we worked on design concepts and ideas for one of our new Charlotte clients. Normally we like to keep the specifics of our work in progress under wraps, saving the details and the design lovelies for our client’s eyes only- at least until AFTER the installation… otherwise known as “the wow moment”.

We thought it might be fun, however, to show you a little more about how we work. For this particular job, we’re straddling the lines of our Luxe/Mini Luxe services. We jokingly call these tear sheets our “Lisa Sherry Playing Cards”.  Conveniently grouped by room, we’ve gathered inspiration & mood images along with paint swatches, wall & window treatments, accessories & specified product ideas.

 The cards come with detailed floor plans that relate back to the items we’ve selected for our client. What makes this kind of project plan great is that it’s so versatile. From here we can do the leg work, or our client can shop at his leisure, taking it room by room as he pleases. And we mean that literally- the cards are so much more portable than a large scale design board, you can take them with you as a guide when you shop.

If you are at a point where you need that little bit of guidance in your home, our MiniLuxe service might be perfect for you. Read more about it here.




License to Chill

We’re a little late to the table on the pajamas-as-day-wear tip, but that doesn’t mean we’re not totally on board.

Though this might be the type of look to end up on The Man Repeller (and, it has, but so has everything fun in fashion)… we can’t think of a better excuse for rolling out of bed and driving straight to the studio. Celine, Michael Kors- even Tommy is doing it.

In particular we’d like to get our hands on these Charles Philip slippers. A nice update to the ballet flat, we think.

The stripes are his best sellers, but these new tassel numbers are right on point:

The color combinations are great, aren’t they?

We love process pics- check out these sketches on the wall of his Shanghai studio:

So if you see us around town in our pajamas, we’re not being lazy- just fashion forward…

CPP photos via Shanghai Style File