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Archive for December, 2011

Embracing a Little Bit of Magic

Never mind that it’s 60F and raining…we’re getting ready to sink into the nostalgia and magic of the holiday season.

And unicorns. We’re going to say it now, unicorns are the new stag heads. Spec’ing them for all future clients…




Sir Paul Smith, From Tie to Rug & Back

We’re always interested in other designers and how they work. This extends beyond interiors, as we believe that all creative endeavors are a link in the one chain that is the urge to make something beautiful or interesting. We were thrilled to find this little interview with British fashion designer Sir Paul Smith on the Rug Company blog, and while he makes it all sound so easy, we know that this is just the tip of the iceberg in the process of how a line of ties, or a rug, becomes a reality. Enjoy!

Santa, Pay Attention

It’s not too late for Miu Miu glitter booties!

Any colorway, any style. Just drop them off early, please- we need them for our December parties!


Matte Black

A little bit of flat does the rest of your shiny good. We’ve painted a few rooms matte black in our time, and it never feels better than at this time of year with the warm holiday glow of candles & Christmas lights.

images via pinterest







To the Beach

Headed back to Bald Head for a little, and we mean a little, R & R. There’s nothing like the beach in winter.

We’ll be taking a moment to relax & prepare for next week; BIG install up north scheduled & we’re really excited to get this one under our belts.

Today we walk by the sea, & in a few days we hit the Connecticut country! Of course, pics to come…

Nordic Notions via France- and Kate Bosworth?

We caught this video showcasing Parisian designer Vanessa Bruno’s Fall/Winter collection about a month ago thru Design Bureau. The icy palette of the short film seems fitting as we roll into December, and the clothes themselves are of course the perfect mix of bohemian luxury. We’re even a little surprised by this new “version” of Kate Bosworth, who stars.

The European designers really know how to transport the viewer, communicating through video takes it a step further. We’re kind of itching to do a LSI video…what do you think? It’s going to have to be on our New Year’s to do list.

A Bright & Shiny New Find: Society Social

 While searching for the right outdoor furnishings for a client, we stumbled upon a new source. Introducing Society Social.

First of all, their site is darling (can we say that without sounding ridiculous? It is the definition of.).

Their products are fun, and available in any color, which is perfect for designers & their clients. And they specialize in all the little things you find yourself looking for- especially bar carts, in every style you would want.

 The product photography is really nice as well, and they cleverly accessorize in a way that makes you want to buy.

From a small upholstery offering, to faux python (hello!), they have those girly, youthful pieces that were missing from the market.

And it seems they are on fire lately, as we noticed this morning they are a sponsor over at Coco + Kelley.

Now one request, SS: While the cocktail is cute, we need this set in a dining size:

Is this a good or a bad thing?

We think good. We saw this photo of Aaron Ruell’s and immediately thought:

“That looks just like Michel’s place!”


Well maybe not exactly. But the feeling, sans birthday explosion, is still there…

see more of Aaron’s (otherwise known as Kip from Napolean Dynamite) quirky work here.

See more of Michel’s colorful home here.