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Archive for January, 2012

Celerie Kemble: star power & selfless design

We like heady red wine, double-shot lattes, and strong points of view. In the world of interior design, the point of view really ought to belong to the homeowner and not the designer. That’s why we love Celerie Kemble. She does so many things so well. And, the expression is about the client – from organic to glam – and not her own design agenda.

We’re green with envy for Celerie’s own personal office awash in shades of turquoise. Most coveted? The painted pagoda hutch, (seemly) random art selections and one super-cool mirror askew midroom (probably en route to a client project).

Bravo for high-gloss grey. We’ll take a fireplace in a dressing room any day, what a luxury.


We’re seeing this rose color becoming one of our new neutrals, so fresh…  and one we’ve recently spec’d for a client. The mirror-trimmed tufted leather bed beckons.

Celerie mixes it up with artwork. A variety of styles and medium are held in perfect balance with a common color palette.


Who knew? Another style incarnation from Celerie. The black and the gold for drama and sophistication.


 And, finally, the designer herself. We can’t wait to meet Celerie in Charlotte, North Carolina, on April 25th. She’s the guest speaker at the Mint Museum’s Room To Bloom annual Decorative Arts Symposium. Lisa Sherry Interieurs is a sponsor and we’ll be there en force to support the Charlotte design community and celebrate Celerie.

To learn more about the Mint Museum’s Room To Bloom event, click here.

Leaving You With Four Looks

Seriously loving these looks from Gucci Pre-fall, via

Color, texture, layering, print- we were in need of a little inspiration for the weekend…

Here’s hoping you have equal amounts excitement and relaxation planned for the next couple of days.

We’ll be spending ours doing a little research for clients (always), a little vintage shopping (fun), a little rest (needed), and always with a little extra style. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Currently Captivated By: The Illustrations of Jean Philippe Delhomme

A little bit social commentary, a little bit travelogue, but mostly a visual diary of the life of this fashion and art world insider, the art of Jean Philippe Delhomme is adding to the resurgence of watercolor imagery that is popping up everywhere. We appreciate the speedy impermanence of watercolor- gestural in quality, his illustration style contrasts with the somewhat self-important nature of his subjects- Delhomme himself has remarked on the world of excess he frequents- models, art giants, heavy hitters in the fashion industry (see below!) & rock n roll celebs make regular appearances on his blog and in his art.

Lacroix- this one in particular, we appreciate for the subject matter but also, the color!


 While his blog is maybe a more casual portfolio of his work, his website offers more of his professional work. Check that out here.


Color Watch- Purple & Yellow

It seems like this time of year is just right for this palette- a hint of spring, but with grey or black it can remain moody enough for this in-between weather. Why not embrace your inner Lakers fan- wait, we can’t pretend to care about the NBA… but if it gets this color story past the man in your life…we say spin it however you must!

If nothing else, take this from us- a lavender range or bathtub can go a long way to add style & statement, and a yellow high gloss door can never be wrong!

Thanks to Julie @ Shelter for bringing those heels to our attention, and also for featuring our Rue piece last week!

Page 90

That’s where you’ll find LSI in the latest “Small Spaces” Issue of Rue Magazine.

Our live/work loft in Charlotte certainly fits the bill for small, but we made sure not to scrimp on style. 

Reference was made to our tiny terrace, but no photo to show… so we thought we’d let you see:

All photos were taken by Ron Royals. Big Thanks to the ladies at Rue for featuring us!


A Tree House for Grown-Ups

In complete contrast to last weeks glam obsessions, we’d like to take a moment to appreciate Amy Butler’s home in a recent Living Etc.

The beams, the light, a massive fireplace to sit by at night…. and perched up high like a grown-up tree house. A weekend away in a retreat like this would do a girl good.

Well it’s only Monday and we’re already thinking about vacation again. Oops.

Stay tuned for a fun little surprise!



Add it to the list- A little easy reading

 We are trying to find the humor in all things, maybe it’s a concept we should re-commit to for 2012 (perhaps we could start by not referring to lightheartedness as a concept- jokes on us…)? At any rate, we want to take ourselves a little less seriously, and this book appears to be just the ticket.

We know that gay men DO get fat, as Simon apparently concedes in the book (they’re called bears, he says). The wisdom we expect from Doonan, as in Wacky Chicks, an earlier read that we ripped through in no time, is to stop worrying and just be your amazing self. A review on has Simon explaining the impetus behind the book: ““To liberate everybody, women especially, and show them how to live life with the stylish bravado of us homos. Being a girl has never been more complicated—women are expected to look like Gisele, work like Bill Gates, and have a million kids like the old woman in the shoe,” says Doonan. So, what’s his secret to life? Never feel bad, about eating macaroons or anything else. “

We’ll drink (and eat a macaroon) to that! Happy Weekend!



Shop Love: End of History, NYC

Look back at Monday’s post, and tell us, what do 95% of the images posted have in common? Super sexy mid-century glass!

Another “trend” we’ve seen, and it’s really more than a trend but definitely there is a resurgence, is an appreciation for the classic pieces of mid century decorative arts… Italian, Czech, German glass and ceramics are making the pages of all the major publications. We think it must be in time with the move towards color, as we’re seeing it at Furniture Market- everyone seems to want more color in their lives and you’re really not going to find more beautiful saturated hues than the ones seen at The End of History in NYC.

Last week we popped by and had a chat with Daniel, who has been keeping this shop along with owner Stephen Saunders since 1997. If you haven’t been, we recommend you make it your mission. You will see ever rotating displays… here’s what we found ourselves drooling over:

Has blue, yellow, and green ever looked more fresh? Suddenly it was Spring in New York:

What about red and orange? This is just a snippet of their selection of warmer shades:

Beautiful color combos of greyed lavenders, pale blush pinks and apricot- pics can’t do it justice!

Textured ceramics also make many a fantastic tableau in this shop, most of which are displayed on MCM rosewood Danish pieces or sleek chrome shelves:

This Italian bird is by Aldo Londi, who has made many beautiful (and widely copied) pieces for Bitossi:

This collection of white could easily be Jonathan Adler, but it’s over 45 years old… Jonathan is a friend of the store and no doubt picks up many ideas for his collections here.

Especially fond of the gold and white showcased in the front window at the moment:

Next time you’re in the city we recommend a visit, but if you can’t, their blog is an excellent way to learn a little more about these pieces. Count us as newly minted regular readers, and super fans of the End of History!

“Halstonesque”- Here to Stay!

The word “Halstonesque” has been tossed around the studio a lot lately, and we realized this is something worth addressing on the blog- we keep finding ourselves oohing and aahing over a specific look that seems to be gaining real steam… the return of 70s inspired design, of course in fashion but, increasingly, in interiors. Because we’ve always been drawn to a touch of glamour, it seems natural that the chrome and brass detailing we’re seeing (and using ourselves) would appeal. Maybe now more than ever. A little mirror here, a lot of drape there…. we’re feeling it.

This home by Eric Hughes shows how we would work the 70s into modern design sleek side pieces, mirrored surfaces, and a vintage Paco Rabanne gold Space Curtain have us wishing they’d gone ahead with that sequel to Barbarella.

The above home of Stila owner Jeanine Lobell illustrates how adding a chrome based table and what looks to be a vintage Murano chandlier (or a new chandelier in the style of…) to formal pieces (silk drapes, chinoiserie screens, deco style slipper chairs) ratchets up the “hip-factor”

Our Charlotte show house was our place to have free reign with our 70s obsession. The monochromatic palette of the walls & draperies might as well be a sleek jumpsuit. The mirrored screen could be our nod to the discoteque, and the chandelier, reflected above was the start of the “Halstonesque” discussion. Never mind Lisa’s python pants in this photo- hot.

And just to remind us of what was, let’s time travel courtesy of The Practical Encycolpedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement (that’s a mouthful).

It’s a little much for today, but then again, pluck out any of these pieces and pop them in a room of ours and we’d be happy.

Ditto this pic. We love the shag, we love the console, love the lucite…hand it over!

We want to know- do you agree? Is your closet reflecting this trend? How about your home?

Our Latest Install

Our last install of 2011 went off without a hitch. We’ve been promising pics for a while now, and here we are…

This home is the 3rd we’ve completed for this repeat client; this family’s style is classic & clean, but we wanted to make sure this country get-away was a warm and inviting respite from their busy lives in the NYC. The focus was on layers of texture to bring warmth to this neutral though definitely not boring space. As you can see, the bones of the home were easy to work with- a truly beautiful place.

 The before was not bad…but we have to say we’re quite pleased with the after:

 The kitchen is open to this inviting seating area. A fireplace in the kitchen is our idea of casual luxe!

 This playroom has perhaps the best light in the home all day long. The Flor tiles are great for this space:

 We couldn’t bring ourselves to scribble over these images of the bunk room. When they’re grown and looking back on their childhood, we hope our client’s children have fond memories of snuggling up together in this playful space, telling stories before bedtime or making stories of their own in their little curtained stage nook .

 So there it is- though we kept some of the more private areas (bedrooms, etc) under wraps for our clients privacy, we’re happy to share this home with our readers. And special thanks to the family who resides in this space, they are a dream to work with!

We have several installs on the calendar for early this year, and we promise to share each one!