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Archive for February, 2012

It’s a Leap Year: Hop On It!

Synchronize your calendars. Instead of the usual 365 days in a year, we’re getting the gift of an extra day in 2012. It’s today! Here’s the backstory on Leap Year. It’s about the sun, the moon and the stars. Planet Earth does not orbit around the sun in precisely 365 days. So every four years an extra day is added to the calendar to keep the world spinning appropriately.

In our busy, busy lives we rarely have extra time on our hands. Here at LSI, we’re viewing Leap Year as a boon. It’s an extra day that happens only once every four years. Here’s our list of the top FIVE things we’re longing to do with our extra day.

Pack no bags and plan a carpe-diem day trip to a nearby destination.

 Head for the cinema and treat yourself to a double-feature (sneaking into the second flick on the first ticket is verboten).

 Call your mother (ideally that doesn’t happen just once every four years).

Drink tequila.

Babysit for a BFF’s preschool children and give away the coveted present of an extra day to someone even more deserving.

Oscar’s Lesson in Design

Our “thank you” speech to The Artist for demonstrating the power of what’s not said…

We’re a bit bleary eyed today (probably just like you), having compulsively watched last night’s Academy Awards from the red carpet through to the last lights-up acceptance speech. We’ll out ourselves and admit that here at LSI, we love well-placed bling, cleavage, chignons, glam and Hollywood drama just as much as you do. Yet, this year, we must weigh in with so many others and give our top props to The Artist for demonstrating the power of the unsaid, the understated, and well-edited. Kudos. Oooops, we’ve said too much already. We were going to show a few images to tell the story but in keeping with our silent tone here’s one to tell the story better than words, words, words ever can!

Lisa Sherry Interieurs New York City Project





We’re delighted to share our latest, greatest, page-turner find with you. Just off the press, we love Habana Libre for words, pictures, insight and intrigue on Cuba. While it’s just 90 miles from the partying tip of Key West – a virtual South Florida suburb – we lack an intimate knowledge and understanding of the country. Enter photographer extraordinaire Michael Dweck and our dear friend, wordsmith and creative guru Bill Westbrook to break barriers and build insight. Habana Libre is not a political expose; rather it’s a startling creative reveal, the story of the emergent “creative class” in Cuba. Beautiful people…glittering art scene…here’s what we mean…

photos via Michael Dweck

WANT MORE? Buy the book, of course, and look for LSI’s interview with friend Bill Westbrook in our new blog feature called Luxe Loves. You’ll see why we’re mad about Bill.

Cool Hunting

Can we all just take a minute and look at some cool stuff?  When one of the team turned up this cool blog we all took a quick break to gather round the screen.  Cool Hunting features all things cool and clever.  (How many times can we write cool?)  If you are feeling like there is nothing new out there check it out and get a boost of inspiration.  Here are a few of the studio’s favorite finds from this fab blog.
These are fire detectors!  A tough element to get around in any design.  These make function fun.

Love these irreverent wing tips.

We are all about the pretty packaging.  These will certainly work to luxe up our personal bars.

Travel Plans?

Yes, it’s that time again. Most of us have been pretty lucky to have an oh so warm winter and maybe it’s not as crucial to “get out of dodge” this year.  In case you want to feel the sand in your toes or wear a straw hat, check out The Viceroy in Anguilla designed by the masterful Kelly Wearstler.
Driftwood and travertine are stunning, dramatic and perfectly mixed. Love the monochromatic feel of this place.  A must see destination, who cares if the winter has been pleasantly temperate!  A trip is in order asap, someone call my travel agent!  I imagine myself padding around in my own private world of neutral. AHHHH. With all this calm, who needs cocktails?  Well ok, may not need them, but they won’t hurt.

all images via The Viceroy


Ciao! Let’s travel!

Sophisticated Curio

One of the rare LSI sanctioned uses for a curio cabinet.  Makes us want to re-decorate our dressing rooms this weekend!


photo via

Our Lakeside Install

You can see from the befores that the light was amazing throughout the house.  The idyllic setting for this install had us totally inspired.  A serene palette with lots of natural materials and textures were in order to capture the amazing light.