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Archive for May, 2012

Our Summer BFF: Holly Golightly

Before Sex and the City and Girls, we had Breakfast at Tiffany’s and our favorite free spirit Holly Golightly. Sam Wasson’s book goes behind the scenes at the filming of Capote’s wonderful novella.  Get the skinny on the little black dress (and more). LSI gives it a bejeweled thumb’s up as a beach read.


Passionately Red, White, & Blue.

“Every heart beats true for the red, white and blue,” as a famous songwriter crooned. We don’t think he had interior design in mind, but the Old Glory palette is perfect for a summer home (especially with surprising pattern twists) and our first official posting of the season on Memorial Day. A great holiday to all!

Image via Lisa Sherry Interieurs

Ready, set, summer…

Whether you’re at the beach or a barbecue, poolside or on a pier, in a string bikini or striped caftan, all the best to you for a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Image via

Cool Pools

They say that all life began in the ocean. Perhaps that’s why so many of us are drawn to seaside living; it’s both luxurious and raw. The next best thing for the landlocked among us is a fabulous pool. It’s a way to experience the calming, restorative effects of water on dry land and introduce a great architectural feature to your exterieur.


Lovely French chateau-inspired home is so beautiful who wouldn’t want to see it twice. The pool is well planned to mirror the home in the afternoon sun. Double-take delight. Image Via.

Petit pool is long on looks for a tête-à-tête over a latte or cocktail (we won’t tell if it’s before 5). We love the dramatic window framed in rattan and the happy combination of oversized and diminutive pottery. Image source unknown, any info would be appreciated.

Lisa Sherry is an Aquarian. Does that help explain our water obsession? This reflective and calming pool cloistered in a white cave on the shores of an exotic beach is the LSI studio favorite for this blog posting.  Thank you Tumblr. Please send tickets and itinerary!

Layering is not cake!

Here’s at LSI, it’s well known that love clean, well-edited rooms. That said, sometimes minimalism is just lazy and less is, well, less. The brilliant insight we endeavor to bring to our work – and which we so admire in the work of other designers – is the thoughtful and artful layering of functional and beautiful objects and textures in a space. Well done, it looks beguilingly simple. In keeping with our blog theme, let’s “layer” a few photos into the discussion to beautifully illustrate the idea…

At least four LSI Associates are ready to move into this room.  Objects, color and texture are artfully layered throughout the room.  Beautifully planned but not overworked, it feels natural and spontaneous.

Image via

We love Mario Testino’s LA digs (Vogue US March 2012).  The more you look, the more you see.  This space delights with nuance and surprise.  While there is a lot of motion, there’s no clutter.  It reflects a life well lived.

Yes, somone’s using mirrors here: Fabrizio Rollo for Elle Decor. Detail abounds and the room layers to a tipping point. It works thanks to a unified palette of colors, textures and shapes – and a smart floor plan.

Another foray to the brink of excess with Fabrizio Rollo and Elle Decor. We love the geometry of this space.  Note how the rug pattern reprises throughout the space down to the stacks of books and vertical lines on the screen.  This room tells a story – in layers.

An apple (cocktail) a day…

Mix a pitcher of Vanilla Apple Crushes and head for veranda.  Start concocting now: six parts apple juice, one part vodka with a good measure of crushed ice and a squeeze of lime.  From our favorite cook book author Donna Hay.


LSI page six

Our own version of “page 6″ social news…

Last night we previewed our latest interior installation with a coterie of friends and neighbors. The food was Yummie thanks to the LSI team. YES, we can style your parties and events too. Beauty is our middle name and it does not end with the interior of your home.

We have a late post today because it was a late night but oh so fun. Check it out!


The truth about bedside tables

Nightstands are like supporting actors in a movie. They play second fiddle to the star (the bed). But a great nightstand, like a compelling character actor, can make the whole movie, errrr, bedroom. No detail escapes our attention at LSI. And for this reason we’re big nightstand fans. Today, we’ll share some tips on getting these high-performing, but oft-forgotten pieces top billing.

Don’t typecast – Chests, dressers, bookcases, even desks are wonderful understudies for the role of “nightstand.” Think outside the box. Be mindful of scale and proportion. Look for pleasing shapes and functionality.

Think fraternal twins – Typically, for sleeper convenience, nightstands flank each side of the bed. But, they needn’t match like identical twins. Let the incest end. Shake up the DNA. Mix and match.

Set the stage – Create an amazing nightstand tablescape. Favorite objects, books, flowers, a crystal goblet for a midnight sip of water — add layers of meaning and beauty to your bedroom.

Images via Pinterest

Your partner and your bedside table are among the first things you see every morning and before you doze off every night. Choose wisely!

Mama mia!

Happy Mother’s Day to the moms, grandmothers and fairy godmothers who inspire and nurture us!

Mother of all makovers

It’s true what they say. The apple doesn’t fall far from tree. Or in this case apples (with an s). What to gift Mom for Mother’s Day has been the subject of some LSI studio banter (and a bit of angst) of late. Here at LSI, we’ve discovered that each of our moms has been the wellspring of creative inspiration and vision. I guess we come by it naturally!

Over the years our MD gifts have run the gambit – from homemade cards to bouquets bristling with baby’s breath (so sorry about that) to hankies (seriously?) and parfums (from dime store to couture). This year, we’re actually reverting back to a “homemade” gift. The gift of our time. No it’s not a watch. It’s a one-on-one Mom Makeover customized for the family matriarch.

For one lucky mom, it means pruning the garden. For another, rearranging the living room. For another, getting rid of those six boxes in the attic filled with high school yearbooks and the like. One lucky mom’s getting eggs Benedict. Another’s getting her oven cleaned. Here’s to you mom. This stylish day’s for you.