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Archive for July, 2012

I see London…

Here at LSI, we’re  seeing red, white and blue (Union Jack style) this week as all eyes turn to London for the start of the XXX Olympics. If you are not  able to cross the pond and attend in person, no worries. Plan your own Opening Ceremonies party and olympian viewing marathons for your favorite events. Great British swag abounds (we know; we’ve been shopping and party planning). See you at high tea!

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Of Ritts and Weimaraners

Good friends increase the pleasure of life exponentially. Especially when they’re artistic adventurers. Two of my BFFs (designing couple John and Joyce Black) just flew in from the West coast. Their favorite finds in LA? The mesmerizing Herb Ritts exhibit at the Getty. And, a Velasco Vitali’s canine sculptures at the PDC. LA-based designer Susanna Kost was their compatriot for full day of exploration and inspiration. Blogging about it is the next best thing to being there!

ABOUT OUR FRIENDS: John Black is the design genius behind some of the finest furniture styles and collections in the market today from famous brands like Baker, Bolier, Council, Artistica and Kravet. Joyce Black, John’s wife and partner, is our favorite graphic designer and overall image consultant. Find them at At LSI, we love to follow other interior designers. Susanna Kost ( is a kindred spirit on the opposite coast.

 The Getty.   The Micucci Collection.

Beach Cruising

For a test drive on this beauty, indulge yourself for a weekend at Santa Monica’s Shutters on the Beach.

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Summer: it’s an inside job

It’s innate. As children didn’t we all love to create teepees, tents and secret tête-à-tête spots inside the house? Well, old habits die hard. We’re (largely) all grown up now, yet we crave adventure. Here’s a stylish fix: camp out at home in this sheik-y, super swank teepee. It’s an abode within an abode. We’re waiting for your invitation….

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We shall eat cake! Happy Bastille Day!

Here at LSI, we miss no opportunities to celebrate life, liberty and the pursuit happiness. Especially when there’s a French twist. Mes amies, Bastille Day is tomorrow. Time to get on your rouge, bleu and blanc!

Design hotel + commune = FAB

Here at LSI, we love oxymorons, so it’s no surprise that the new trend in pop-up design hotels intrigues us. So luxurious yet so rustic. Perhaps our design antennas are up because we’re exploring a “design camp/retreat” concept with a longtime LSI client. Stay tuned for more details as this exciting project begins to unfold. Fingers crossed.

Celebrating the luxury of simplicity, this raw-luxe camp in Tulum, Mexico features 99 cabañas surrounded by pristine flora and fauna and offers a creative playground, infused with an urban spirit.



Swatch watch with Mrs. Lillien

Do you know Mrs. Lilien? If not, we’re delighted to make the introduction. Ever witty with a strong dash of sass, Mrs. Lilien’s latest endeavor is a par-excellence cocktail swatchbook. Instead of fabrics or colors, you see intoxicating cocktails. An idea for an idle summer afternoon: close  your eyes, flip open the deck and mix up the first potent potable you see. Cheers!

Got game? Summer hijinks!

If you’re looking for a way to ratchet up summer fun, entertain kids, adults and even teenagers, consider a Scavenger Hunt. Develop a list of eccentric items which must be scavenged and captured with a cell phone picture. Our clan typically pairs up in posses of two. Cut-throat competition ensues as the team with most items captured in a specified time wins! As for the prize…that’s your call. Ready, set, go….