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Archive for October, 2012

Halloween Confessions

Is it the orange-black color palette? The bad candy? The looming end of daylight savings time? I have to confess that Halloween is just not my favorite holiday. But, here at LSI, we are pretty innovative and we like to think we can make just about anything work. So, we’ve made-over Halloween.  Gold metallic pumpkins — this we can live with. Goodbye October and a happy (and unconventional) Halloween to all!

The Usual Things in Unusual Places

I believe the magic’s in the mix. I love to shake it up. I wanted to share a little secret on how to make that happen. Do very usual, ordinary things in unusual places. It’s so fun. Throw away the guide book when you’re traveling and find out where the locals eat. Take a chance. It might be delicious. Take a pass on the famous out-of-town shopping district. Look for a neighborhood boutique or better yet a flea market (especially good when you’re in Paris!). And for my very favorite, when I’m traveling and feeling overwhelmed with so much to see and so much to do … I stop. I break for coffee, wine, conversation. Pretending you’re at home in a faraway place makes you a local. That’s a kick!

(P.S. How about vice-versa? Introduce something exotic and unusual to your 24-7!)

photos top to bottom: one, two, three, four.

We ♥ Our Readers

What an innovative, inspiring way to tame ivy grown amok. Yet, it’s more likely that this wonderful image is the result of careful planning and pruning (with ladder and hedge trimmers in gloved hand). Consider this an on-line air kiss with well wishes for a lovely weekend from your friends here at Lisa Sherry Interieurs.

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Meet the Man Behind the Curtain: Ron Fiore

Drum roll, please! My biggest delight and surprise at Market was the Bernhardt showroom. Yep. Truthfully, I’d never been in the showroom before. I just was never drawn there. This Market it was a must-see on my list because Ron Fiore became Bernhardt’s creative director this past spring. He really is a wizard (former creative director at Hickory Chair) and I couldn’t wait to see what he’d been up to.

Ron has a way of seeing. And, his vision – full of style, surprise, color, smart editing and personality – permeated the showroom. Who knew Bernhardt was so cool! Hickory Chair fans (and I am one of them) take note – Ron did NOT simply do “Hickory Chair” at Bernhardt. Apparently, Ron’s creativity is just bottomless, because the look is new, exciting and different. I snuck some snaps. Very cool ….

Lisa Loves Mondays (especially after Market)

Already the High Point Market seems like a distant memory…

Here is a wrap up of inspring things we saw at Market and I’m excited to implement some of these pieces. The driftwood-wood trend seems to be morphing to glam and I’m so ready! I’ve always been in love with luxe pieces like fur (faux) throws and now I’m adding more gold and yes, brass and eclectic pieces. I loved blue and white patterns in the 80s and they’re back. (aging myself!?)  This gourd lamp is an object of desire. By the way it’s gigantic! Black and gold? Be still my heart, my latest crush. All of this in one room? why not?


The Après-Market Exhale!

We LOVE the Furniture Market. It’s a high-octane experience as High Point brims with new ideas and designs. We also love it when Market ends. Because this is the time we review and edit all that we’ve seen. We decide what has staying power, what’s really new and next. That’s a job for next week because  first we take the weekend to relax. Please follow suit and enjoy a wonderful fall weekend!

Veranda, Verellen and the Owls of Oly

During Market time, the world of interior design comes to High Point. (That said, I’ll add that even during the “off season,” High Point is an amazingly creative place.) It’s a delight to run into editors, bloggers, all-around style mavins and wonderful new designs as the LSI team works the streets.

What good fortune to bump into Dara Caponigro, editor-in-chief of Veranda at the Verellen showroom on South Hamilton (just a sneak peek at Verellen for now!). Dara was part of the original editorial team at Domino magazine. (I say that wistfully, as I still miss Domino). When the irreplaceable Lisa Newsom retired from Veranda, the publication she literally invented from the ground up, Dara was tapped to follow her. Probably a super daunting assignment for a lesser talent. I love how Dara is shaping Veranda. It’s still Veranda, but it’s also evolving under Dara’s leadership.

I also had a run in with a parliament of owls at Market. In the Oly showroom, of course. I was an early admirer of Oly and my crush has only grown more intense as time goes by. They never cease to surprise and inspire. Oly designs are head-turners. A single piece can make a room. But Oly excels at stagecraft too. The magnificent owl murals are wise and wonderful!

More later. The streets of High Point beckon!




Lisa Shops Fashionably Early

For the LSI designer S.W.A.T. team the High Point Furniture Market is organized chaos. While Market didn’t officially open until Saturday, we were on the streets early Friday morning to shop before the opening bell. We are seasoned shoppers and rule breakers. And, we know our way around the Market. Some of our favorite showrooms source one-of-a-kind finds from around the world. LSI clients want what’s new, what’s hot and what’s unique.

Our first stop? The Texture Showroom on South Hamilton Street. (It’s right next to Verellen, one of our long term crushes.) Texture is full of one-of-a-kind objets and treasures sourced from around the world by owners Patrick and Marietta. (We understand Cody, their super sweet papillon, also has a great sense of style and sniffs out some of the best finds.) Texture always surprises. We scored!

Stay tuned for more blogs and Facebook chatter on what we’re seeing and buying on the streets. All eyes are on High Point this week. We’d love to share our vision with you!


When High Point is the Fashion Capital of the World: It’s Market Time!

One of my favorite times of the year happens twice a year. It’s the International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, North Carolina. All the world comes here to see what’s new, what’s next, what’s hot (and what’s not). Here at LSI, we have three “principes” in our Market approach. First, we have some very specific client shopping lists. We are on very focused design missions! Secondly, we shop sans agenda. We meander and roam to discover new style leaders and great products. And, thirdly, we reconnect with old friends: cocktails, dinners and great conversation. Market officially starts tomorrow, but we are on the streets today! Stay tuned for LSI updates. Follow us next week for our market play by play.

The Threshold of Great Things

A well-done threshold is like new love. It’s the beginning of a perfect first date. You can just tell it’s going to go well. Something wonderful and intriguing beckons from within. Pretend your doorbell is ringing right this very moment. What does your threshold promise the waiting visitor? Here at LSI, as we wrap up installations, one of our last recommendations concerns the first thing the client and visitors will see: the threshold. Here’s our approach:

Great architecture helps: As with all things in life, each of us needs to maximize our assets. Inherently interesting architecture is not parceled out evenly among all homes. But, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Some of the images below from our idea files tell the tale.

Quirk goes the color: First, let me say that a monochromatic neutral palette on a threshold makes me feel like I am truly at home. That said a spot of color can make all the difference. Chartreuse, cerulean blue, cayenne – think outside the six-color Crayola box!

About stairs and staging: The door is diva, the star of the threshold. Some doors are flush to a public sidewalk, others are the culmination of a flight of stairs and sometimes a swell and spacious porch is in play. This is an opportunity to set the stage. Think pots and urns. Settees and welcome mats. Remember lighting – for drama and function.

The back-story on back doors: For many of my clients the back door is really their primary entrance. Back doors are not the ugly redheaded stepchildren (sorry to all my ginger friends out there) of thresholds. We should all feel great when we come home. It often starts at the back door.