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Veranda, Verellen and the Owls of Oly

During Market time, the world of interior design comes to High Point. (That said, I’ll add that even during the “off season,” High Point is an amazingly creative place.) It’s a delight to run into editors, bloggers, all-around style mavins and wonderful new designs as the LSI team works the streets.

What good fortune to bump into Dara Caponigro, editor-in-chief of Veranda at the Verellen showroom on South Hamilton (just a sneak peek at Verellen for now!). Dara was part of the original editorial team at Domino magazine. (I say that wistfully, as I still miss Domino). When the irreplaceable Lisa Newsom retired from Veranda, the publication she literally invented from the ground up, Dara was tapped to follow her. Probably a super daunting assignment for a lesser talent. I love how Dara is shaping Veranda. It’s still Veranda, but it’s also evolving under Dara’s leadership.

I also had a run in with a parliament of owls at Market. In the Oly showroom, of course. I was an early admirer of Oly and my crush has only grown more intense as time goes by. They never cease to surprise and inspire. Oly designs are head-turners. A single piece can make a room. But Oly excels at stagecraft too. The magnificent owl murals are wise and wonderful!

More later. The streets of High Point beckon!




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