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I’ll Take Door No. 4

I am a great believer in personal style. And, I’m an individualist. So, it’s no small thing for me to say that the house you see here is move-in ready for me. In fact, if you believe in those science fiction stories that suggest we all have alternative lives simultaneously occurring in alternate places, well, I’d be calling this place home (deux).

Thanks to Victoria A.K.A. SF Girl By Bay for getting this on our radar. (I know that you love this place too and hopefully we can decide who gets to live there – you or me – peaceably!) It’s designer is Marie Olsson Nylander’s work. Well done!

Why do I love it? Let me count the ways. While there are wonderful color treats throughout the space, white prevails. It’s my perfect palette. I love the layers of detail — all without clutter. The more you look, the more you see, but the eye never wearies. It’s funky. It’s random. Yes, the space has a clear personality. Modern and tradition do not need to be brought together by marriage counselors. Different colors, styles and provenances reside harmoniously.

Ahhh, at long last home. In Sweden!


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