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My next read…..

I have always loved Malene Birger, her fashions of course but mostly for me her interior spaces. I guard with my life her first book, LIFE AND WORK and am so excited to be on the wait list for her next book MOVE AND WORK.

Her neutral, sophisticated spaces leave me breathless, the mix of white, brown and black balanced with rich texture and that delicate mix of modern makes for dreamy rooms.

Did I mention she loves WHITE WALLS?

You know what I’ll be doing the day this beauty ships!

BLOG_MaleneBirgerImages Via…



My Winter Read Roundup

SlideforblogSince the thermostat is still hovering on the low end, we’re stocking up on cocoa, warm blankets, and good reads.

Here are a few of our favorites!

Great Read: The Interestings

I am immersing myself in all things camp. Here’s what I’ll be curling up with poolside this weekend: Meg Wolitzer’s acclaimed novel that traces a girlhood camp experience to the present day. I want Luxe Life Camp – coming up nearly a month from now – to be a transformative experience too. It’s a bold statement. For now, I’ll dive into the book. (P.S. click HERE  if you’ve missed all the chatter about Luxe Life Camp and want to know more.)

Keep-It-Light Travel

War and Peace is not a great travel read. For me, the Luxe Life travel prescription includes a heavy dose of People, Lifestyle and an occasional cloak-and-dagger mystery. More pictures and simple plots are all the better.  Quick reads are a palette cleanser for the journey ahead. Are you on board?


Gwyneth Cooks

I’m all in for reinventing my menus straight out of Gwyneth Paltrow’s inspiring cookbook, It’s All Good. The recipes look delish,  super easy and superbly healthful. In fact, I’m thinking about making Gwyneth’s Grilled Eggplant Chili with Ginger and Cilantro tonight. Yum. (It’s on page 166.) In the spirit of “you are what you eat” and following Gwyneth’s menu, wonder if I’ll wake up Saturday morning blonde, 5’10” and sitting across the breakfast table from Chris Martin. Something to consider…!

images via.

Boho + Jetset = Gypset

Opposites attract. Imagine mixing the san-souci casual lifestyle of a gypsy with the sophisticated elan of a jetsetter. Presto. It’s the gypset, so beautifully shared in a wonderful new 2012 coffee table book from Assouline. Remember, boho starts at home. Be inspired this weekend.

purchase via assouline.

LSI on the cover of Lonny Magazine!

This time it gets personal. Check out Lisa’s Bald Head Island Beach Retreat. A fabulously eclectic beach bungalow that never gets too be achy.  “Thanks” Michelle and Patrick for the cover.  Flip to page 198 of Lonny for the full scoop and visit our archives for a peak behind the scenes of the shoot.


Our Summer BFF: Holly Golightly

Before Sex and the City and Girls, we had Breakfast at Tiffany’s and our favorite free spirit Holly Golightly. Sam Wasson’s book goes behind the scenes at the filming of Capote’s wonderful novella.  Get the skinny on the little black dress (and more). LSI gives it a bejeweled thumb’s up as a beach read.


Friday the 13th Cheers

Why not play Russian roulette this weekend with Amuse-Bouches’ amazing cocktail table book on cocktails. Be sure the bar is well stocked. Flip to any page. Shake or stir the libation you land on! Cheers to Daniel Boulud (and you).


We’re delighted to share our latest, greatest, page-turner find with you. Just off the press, we love Habana Libre for words, pictures, insight and intrigue on Cuba. While it’s just 90 miles from the partying tip of Key West – a virtual South Florida suburb – we lack an intimate knowledge and understanding of the country. Enter photographer extraordinaire Michael Dweck and our dear friend, wordsmith and creative guru Bill Westbrook to break barriers and build insight. Habana Libre is not a political expose; rather it’s a startling creative reveal, the story of the emergent “creative class” in Cuba. Beautiful people…glittering art scene…here’s what we mean…

photos via Michael Dweck

WANT MORE? Buy the book, of course, and look for LSI’s interview with friend Bill Westbrook in our new blog feature called Luxe Loves. You’ll see why we’re mad about Bill.