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The SoGooD…

Happy to join the ranks of other talented tastemakers… check out their app and download for all things cool!

Thanks Hillary and Laura!





This spring, Domino Magazine did a photo shoot of MY home and it was just published in this month’s issue!

Thank you Michelle Adams and team for a splendid time together and for the lovely feature! Here is a personal look into my home.

Domino Magazine is inspiration for those aspiring to create their dream interior! On newsstands now.



Madness: Embrace It!

I really can’t say it better than Steve Jobs…

“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes … the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things … they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

image via.

Page 90

That’s where you’ll find LSI in the latest “Small Spaces” Issue of Rue Magazine.

Our live/work loft in Charlotte certainly fits the bill for small, but we made sure not to scrimp on style. 

Reference was made to our tiny terrace, but no photo to show… so we thought we’d let you see:

All photos were taken by Ron Royals. Big Thanks to the ladies at Rue for featuring us!


Sir Paul Smith, From Tie to Rug & Back

We’re always interested in other designers and how they work. This extends beyond interiors, as we believe that all creative endeavors are a link in the one chain that is the urge to make something beautiful or interesting. We were thrilled to find this little interview with British fashion designer Sir Paul Smith on the Rug Company blog, and while he makes it all sound so easy, we know that this is just the tip of the iceberg in the process of how a line of ties, or a rug, becomes a reality. Enjoy!

Is this a good or a bad thing?

We think good. We saw this photo of Aaron Ruell’s and immediately thought:

“That looks just like Michel’s place!”


Well maybe not exactly. But the feeling, sans birthday explosion, is still there…

see more of Aaron’s (otherwise known as Kip from Napolean Dynamite) quirky work here.

See more of Michel’s colorful home here.

Friday’s Inspiring Room…

… is in this house!

The March of Dimes 2011 Designer Show House, in Charlotte, NC.

Of course we’re talking about our room, but our esteemed fellow designers will be sure to give us a run for our money. And we mean it. It’s going to be good, with Mrs. Howard, Aida Interiors & Luxe Home Couture, Max & Co, Isabella (will our friend Bryn be there?), and Barrie Benson of Domino fame in attendence, to name a few.

We’ve been working on this space non-stop this week, gearing up for the opening Oct.7th. Paint is done.

Ben Moore Chelsea Gray on the walls:

chevron in the dressing room:

..and that’s about it. But Monday, MONDAY starts the install.

We can only share a few images to give you an idea of where this is headed.

Indigo velvet (deeper color than pictured below) custom headboard a la:

this great “Halston-esque” chandelier & ochre accents:

And we’re crossing our fingers that our friends at Decade will loan this beautiful painting, which will sit opposite the black commodes that will flank the bed, and the rams head chair which will perch in the dressing area- all available for purchase through LSI when the Show House concludes:

There is so much more, we can’t wait to show you how it comes together. Watch for it on FB & Twitter, and make sure you come out to the show house when it opens! Tickets are $15 each and proceeds go to the March of Dimes. Get all of your design obsessed friends together and make a day of supporting this great cause!

516 Museum Drive
Charlotte, NC 28207
October 7, 8, 9 and October 14, 15, 16
Friday & Saturday: 10 – 6; Sunday 1-6

House Beautiful & Some Food for Thought

The October House Beautiful hit the stands….

So. Newell going bold in this one. The article written by stylist Craig Schumacher in the Oct. issue is unlike any we’ve read in the interiors world. It’s unusual, and frankly we think it’s brilliantly brave to address the ideas of living beyond your means in a world where image is often everything.

No one relishes the idea of scaling back their living space due to necessity. What we love about this article is the idea that you can still live with what you love, sacrificing nothing, as the title suggests, and with great style to boot.

Craig’s style, as he admits, is majorly Anglophilian (possibly not an actual word, but you get the point). It’s not what we do usually, but we love that he loves it and he’s become a master of layering in his downscaled space. Even if this isn’t to your taste, the images paired with the article made a great piece. Seriously, you should all read it.

Layer layer layer. It’s what we always say to ourselves when we discuss designs for client’s spaces. It’s inspirational that Craig refuses to lose his “things” even though his home is now a smaller rental. The effect is so cozy.

Thank You, HB, for such an interesting, honest, and different kind of article. We enjoyed it.

Also, if someone can explain this whole digital watermarking thing… how DOES this work? Crazy!

Mini Luxe

This past week we worked on design concepts and ideas for one of our new Charlotte clients. Normally we like to keep the specifics of our work in progress under wraps, saving the details and the design lovelies for our client’s eyes only- at least until AFTER the installation… otherwise known as “the wow moment”.

We thought it might be fun, however, to show you a little more about how we work. For this particular job, we’re straddling the lines of our Luxe/Mini Luxe services. We jokingly call these tear sheets our “Lisa Sherry Playing Cards”.  Conveniently grouped by room, we’ve gathered inspiration & mood images along with paint swatches, wall & window treatments, accessories & specified product ideas.

 The cards come with detailed floor plans that relate back to the items we’ve selected for our client. What makes this kind of project plan great is that it’s so versatile. From here we can do the leg work, or our client can shop at his leisure, taking it room by room as he pleases. And we mean that literally- the cards are so much more portable than a large scale design board, you can take them with you as a guide when you shop.

If you are at a point where you need that little bit of guidance in your home, our MiniLuxe service might be perfect for you. Read more about it here.




A “little story” with Ron Fiore

A few months ago we got a visit from the incomparable Ron Fiore, Creative Director of Hickory Chair. Ron is a sort of superstar in the furniture industry, a creative genius quietly living outside of High Point, NC. It was just after this past Spring market when he came by our studio with our friend and photographer, Kenton Robertson. We were chatting about Hickory Chair and how the Suzanne Kasler line came to be and the story he told us was so interesting, we thought we’d share.

Prior to Suzanne’s line for HC, there weren’t many furniture lines rep’d by large companies that had great feminine appeal. Ron and Jay had been talking about the future of HC, and how they needed to tap into the female buyer- what did she want, what did she need, what was she looking for? Women still spend 85% of a household’s income, and while we personally see more husband-involvement in client purchasing now than ever before, it’s true that women hold the purse strings.

One night Ron had a dream, and woke up thinking “POWDER BLUE”. Powder blue, powder blue- it was just stuck in his head, this color, some kind of significance was attached to it in the dream -but he didn’t know it’s meaning.

The next day he was standing in the reception area at Hickory Chair. The door opened, and in walked this woman- precisely dressed in powder blue Prada drivers, a powder blue Prada bag, wrapped in a powder blue pashmina.

POWDER BLUE! It was Suzanne Kasler.

Suzanne had come to Hickory Chair to present a line based on her personal collection of antiques and a few custom designs she had completed for clients. Ron told us that they were so impressed with her vision, which tapped right into the need they were seeing in the marketplace at that time. Since then the Kasler line has been a complete success, starting the move toward designer lines produced and sold by Hickory Chair. We have to admit, there’s hardly a piece of her line that we couldn’t use in any of our current projects.

Here’s a pic we shot that day of Lisa & Ron (who, we’ve heard, is rarely seen sans Yankees cap). Thanks, Ron, for sharing that little bit of serendipity with us. Even in the world of design it seems there are sometimes greater forces at work!