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It’s Sweater Weather

Cable knits, pullovers, turtlenecks and hoodies are not just for fashionable, heat-seeking homo sapiens.

Remember the canines as the temperatures drop this month!

+ Marks the Spot

I am a collector of crosses and crucifixes. It’s graphic thing. Plus, I love the shape, the sense of pageantry and the collectibility. I wear them and I decorate with them. The more the better. It’s all about layering. It’s about pluses! So, when we were developing a new signature graphic for a line of LSI pillows, + just marked the spot. Since we landed on our cross icon, we’ve been seeing pluses and crosses everywhere. Here are some example of what’s been in our cross-hairs (yes, really… yet another cross!)…

Purchase LSI pillows here.

images top to bottom: one, two, three, four, five.

I’ll Take Door No. 4

I am a great believer in personal style. And, I’m an individualist. So, it’s no small thing for me to say that the house you see here is move-in ready for me. In fact, if you believe in those science fiction stories that suggest we all have alternative lives simultaneously occurring in alternate places, well, I’d be calling this place home (deux).

Thanks to Victoria A.K.A. SF Girl By Bay for getting this on our radar. (I know that you love this place too and hopefully we can decide who gets to live there – you or me – peaceably!) It’s designer is Marie Olsson Nylander’s work. Well done!

Why do I love it? Let me count the ways. While there are wonderful color treats throughout the space, white prevails. It’s my perfect palette. I love the layers of detail — all without clutter. The more you look, the more you see, but the eye never wearies. It’s funky. It’s random. Yes, the space has a clear personality. Modern and tradition do not need to be brought together by marriage counselors. Different colors, styles and provenances reside harmoniously.

Ahhh, at long last home. In Sweden!


photos via.

Pantone Queen Reigns Supreme

Queen Elizabeth is not afraid of color. You go girl! Truth be told, we tend to think QE2 is a bit monotone, so this pantone swatch deck turned our collective heads here at LSI. One wonders if HRH’s knickers are tidy-whitey? Or do they follow the palette? Quite agreed, too much information. Hail Brittania and all the best for a colorful weekend ahead.

Photos via.

Tried, True and Luxurious: Vintage Leather

Some things in life are absolutely better brand spanking new. Like fresh baguettes, newly laundered and line-dried bed linens, and double lattes. But some things are better with a little patina of age about them. Leather upholstery is at the very top of my the-older-the-better list. In fact, I believe I’d rather sit on a comfortable floor cushion than a pristine, new leather sofa.

Leather gets softer and more supple with time and wear. I’m thinking of a favorite handbag and a pair of go-to shoes. Ditto for leather upholstery. What’s more, the so-called ravages of time enhance the charm and appeal of vintage leather upholstery.  Vintage leather pieces are no longer discards or (heaven forbid) candidates for reupholstery. Designers like me are snapping up life-worn leather as fast as we can find it. And savvy furniture makers are developing methods to make new look old! The rub-through, the occasional crack, the barbed wire tear, and the irregular sheen are all coveted vintage leather details.

Why this trend? Two reasons. First, broken-in vintage leather is super comfortable. And, secondly, the wear and tear tells a story – or perhaps “suggests” a story. Doesn’t everyone want a room with personality?

10 Things to Love About Fall

I love fall! (Okay, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) My romance with summer is well known, but I am not one to dwell in the past. It was a fling. I’m onto what’s next. His name is autumn. Fortunately, I love change and transition. It does not scare me, as it does some; it invigorates me.

My very favorite thing about fall is that it is a robust season for interieurs. Home becomes the center of the world with the fall. Life moves inside. And my passion in life is creating livable, luxurious homes for clients (and my family).

A special postscript to client readers, especially to the very busy ones or those prone to procrastination (you know who you are), now is the time to reach out on any hiatused design projects we need to wrap up in time for the holiday season. We love to make things happen for you.


photo via.



Hello Martinique

We could not help but regress back into summer mode for just a moment to tell you about one of our classic loves.  The iconic Martinique Wallpaper, which has been featured in the Beverly Hills Hotel since 1942, is the perfect solution to whisk you away into the land of luxe.  This over-scaled banana leaf motif is most appropriate, we believe, in your teensy powder room or on just about any accent wall.

Photos Clockwise: Hotel, Pink Palace, Greenbrier, Martinique.

Destination: Billy.

We think shopping is fun! So when summer travels took us South to Alabama, Billy Reid’s flagship store in Florence was a must-see destination in our GPS (no “recalculating” required!). Here at LSI, we’ve loved Billy from afar. And, up-close-and-personal, he’s even better. Actually, we felt an amazing kinship. We are totally simpatico with the Billy Reid look. It’s of the moment, but full of provenance. Colors are distinctive, but muted. Fabrics beg to be touched. Billy Reid is so refined – in a very casual vernacular. Hmmm…sounds like LSI’s own “casual luxe.” Thanks for the inspiration!

Experience Billy here.

BINTH: the curator of cool, Chicago style

True confession. We have been harboring a crush from afar. The object of our affection? A cadre of smart, always-surprising and quirky design wizards called Binth (rhymes with absolutely nothing) out of Chicago. Wanderlust took LSI north to the Windy City recently and one of our first stops was Binth’s new retail store in Forest Park – an old and leafy established suburb on the near Westside.

LSI believes in serendipity! Binth is the brainchild of Suzanna Bierwirth and she was at the shop in person for our unannounced visit. We were treated to a guided tour. Come with us now…

Located on Madison Avenue in Forest Park, a fun Chicago suburb. Lots of other cool shopping nearby.

What luck! Binth co-founder Suzanna Bierwirth just happened to be manning the store like it was meant to be!

We love Binth’s leathery spin on red, white and blue. (Hail Brittania!)

Check out the coolest baby book – ever!

More kid’s stuff. Binth poster exclusive (Suzanna modeling her design). Available only at Binth and Land of Nod.

We love type treatments. This poster may appear in the LSI studio sometime soon!

Thanks for the tour, Suzanna. See you nest time LSI heads north!

Discover Binth for yourself virtually here or in person at the Binth Studio + Store, 7507 W. Madison Avenue, Forest Park, IL.

Interiors V Interieurs

We love Paris.  We love New York.  We love juxtapositions.  So, how can we not love Vahram Muratyan and his graphic face-off between our two favorite world capitals:  Paris VS New York, it’s “a tally of two cities.” Let’s look at some faves.

We love the spot-on simplicity Monsieur Muratyan’s storytelling.

Oh, l’amour, l’amour. Carrie style with long irreverent saves or comme Amelie, pert and bobbed??

Dueling designers. A Gautier/Lauren face off!

Indeed, sometimes more is less, but in this case, we’ll take the supersized Café American.