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Se détendre (relax)

Here’s to a laid-back weekend!


Getting in Front of Fall

My crush on summer is well documented. But I’m over it. Really. No talk therapy, pharmaceuticals or excessive amounts of alcohol were involved. I just feel exceptionally inspired this fall. Maybe it’s the new fire pit in my courtyard just begging for a match. My creativity is ignited too.

Always and forever, the best thing about fall is that we all look inside. Our homes that is. For clients with children, the New Year really starts in the fall. The kids backpack off to school, interieurs take center stage and the holidays are even starting to come into focus. It’s the spring-into-action time for decorating projects. (P.S. if this resonates and you have not yet called me, don’t delay another moment.)

Texture rules this fall. One of my favorite tips for creating texture is to layer monochromatics. Think white on white on white. O, be still my heart. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the blacks are just intoxicating this fall. Especially with a little thread of gold, as shown in so many of my mood board pix below. Think elementary: agate, stone, petrified wood, precious jewels (real or faux) and repurposed industrial finds.

Seasons are all about transition and change. Maybe that’s why I’m so inspired this fall. I feel like I am shaking things up AND staying true to who I am. All at once. Very fun and invigorating. Hope fall is hitting you with the same burst of energy.

fall collage

Wanted: Crystal Bullet Necklaces

And the more the merrier! So elemental and fun. Icy blue, amethyst, rose, smoky graphite and peridot quartz crystals cast in peace-loving brass and nickel bullets. Perfect wearable art for the summer solstice weekend.

Enjoy the l-o-n-g days this weekend.


image via. 

Just Add Water

In my opinion, spring is just pre-summer. It’s a hopeful, aspirational time of the year: winter is a distant memory (apologies to my clients in Minnesota!) and the big show (summer) is rehearsing in the wings. One of my favorite cusp-of-summer activities is mentally packing the perfect beach bag. For me, planning oceanside fun is nearly as fun as the real thing.

Today I’m sharing my mood board of summer inspiration. Caftans are back for another season (really, were they ever out?). A classic maillot is a must. Your hat cannot be too large or too floppy. Doesn’t the grapefruit Marg look refreshing (try one now just to be sure it’s the right toddy). A comfy and, in this case, colorful beach chair is a must – especially paired with a beyond-plush towel. I always pack a great read. First up on my re-read list this summer is Gatsby. Next eliminate your carbon footprint and bike to the beach, collect kindling for a fire at dusk (before you need it), and finally, prepare to wash away the ordinary in sand and surf.

I’ll look for you ….

Printimages: caftan, suit, hat, drink, chair, towel, book, bike,  fire, sand.


Pretty Little Things

A large package under the tree can intrigue and pique curiosity, but I covet the little packages. They whisper. They promise great things. So, here at LSI we’re thinking small as we offer gift ideas for the holiday season. What little things are on our must-have list? The bejeweled box hardly requires gift wrap. It’s so beautiful. Too blingy? No worries. For you: a black-and-white striped marble box. Super chic and simple. I also love ornamental cups — the ultimate pencil holder on a stylish desk. After all, isn’t everything better trimmed in gold?

Boxes via. Vases via.

Fire Extinguishers Ignite Creativity

Safety is never on holiday. That’s why I’m mad about these smoking-cool fire extinguishers. Don’t you love it, as I do, when highly functional basics get a make-over in the hands of a creative designer? When the broiler is going at my house, it’s always good to know that a fire extinguisher (fashionable and functional) is in the vicinity. It’s my new kitchen basic!

Relish the Rug.

One of our latest obsessions, these vintage Moroccan beauts from Nazmiyal Antique Rugs.

Beach Cruising

For a test drive on this beauty, indulge yourself for a weekend at Santa Monica’s Shutters on the Beach.

 to purchase.

Thinking Outside the Toy Box

Merely child’s play? If so, we want a seat at the table. Here at LSI, we love these faceted and geometric building blocks by Fort Standard. No offense to Legos and Lincoln Logs, but these are building blocks we love to see on the living room (a.k.a. playroom) floor. What creative firestarters! Shall we set a playdate?

Fan of the Kaftan

A little off-the-shoulder, asymmetrical perfection for your viewing pleasure on Friday from LSI fashion-favorite Malene Birger. Live large and unstructured this weekend.