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Staying Warm In Style this Winter Season….

Fashions and interiors intertwine and I have a passion for both. Here are some winter styles I’m loving….

Enjoy this last weekend before the holidays!


Pictures from top to bottom: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen 


Wrap Yourself in RØROS

I always feel inspiration with the season change.  Whether it be new recipes, a new ensemble, or something new to spruce my interieur.  When it comes to cooler weather, I have said it before and I will say it again : layers!  RØROS tweed, a company that prides itself with being 100% Scandinavian, has the most delicious wool blankets.  They are the perfect compliment to any sofa or chair.  You may even catch me wearing one this winter! Interested in one (or three)? You can purchase through me!


My next read…..

I have always loved Malene Birger, her fashions of course but mostly for me her interior spaces. I guard with my life her first book, LIFE AND WORK and am so excited to be on the wait list for her next book MOVE AND WORK.

Her neutral, sophisticated spaces leave me breathless, the mix of white, brown and black balanced with rich texture and that delicate mix of modern makes for dreamy rooms.

Did I mention she loves WHITE WALLS?

You know what I’ll be doing the day this beauty ships!

BLOG_MaleneBirgerImages Via…




Labor Day is behind us now and I had the longest summer I can remember since I was a kid. Full of entertaining, learning to surf (again), drinking lot’s of Rose’ and catching up on summer reads.

It’s a bit steamy outside but I love September… it’s time to put away all my summer gear and bring out some texture and add some layers. Take a look to see what I’m loving now.



When it comes to making YOUR interior truly yours, adding art can express your style and make your space one of a kind.

Here are some of my favorites…….


Take Some Time For YOU!

If you are not close to a beach, put on your chicest maillot, grab your sunglasses + chaise lounge and pick up a summer read. Below are a few of my favorites….



TRES CHIC trays…

I don’t like clutter or too many “things” sitting around and clients often ask me what to do with all the objects they love and need?

Rather than putting everything behind closed doors, chose a lovely tray that fits your style and size needs, pull out special objects and “style”.

You end up with ONE large statement rather than lots of little things running amok. Trays help organize, contain and add beauty to any space.






Summer is not officially here but once memorial day passes I’m ready to dress the part. As with my interiors, same guidelines apply.

Texture and pattern, classic stripes and the details of the RIGHT accessories! All neutral of course!


Se détendre (relax)

Here’s to a laid-back weekend!


Getting in Front of Fall

My crush on summer is well documented. But I’m over it. Really. No talk therapy, pharmaceuticals or excessive amounts of alcohol were involved. I just feel exceptionally inspired this fall. Maybe it’s the new fire pit in my courtyard just begging for a match. My creativity is ignited too.

Always and forever, the best thing about fall is that we all look inside. Our homes that is. For clients with children, the New Year really starts in the fall. The kids backpack off to school, interieurs take center stage and the holidays are even starting to come into focus. It’s the spring-into-action time for decorating projects. (P.S. if this resonates and you have not yet called me, don’t delay another moment.)

Texture rules this fall. One of my favorite tips for creating texture is to layer monochromatics. Think white on white on white. O, be still my heart. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the blacks are just intoxicating this fall. Especially with a little thread of gold, as shown in so many of my mood board pix below. Think elementary: agate, stone, petrified wood, precious jewels (real or faux) and repurposed industrial finds.

Seasons are all about transition and change. Maybe that’s why I’m so inspired this fall. I feel like I am shaking things up AND staying true to who I am. All at once. Very fun and invigorating. Hope fall is hitting you with the same burst of energy.

fall collage