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Post Market Lineup

Market was a treat this time.  So much was palpable, drawing me in for a closer look and feel.  My Fave pieces had textures and colors that felt more natural and raw.  We’ve taken a step back from glam (although always loving that mix, like the metallic bean bag chair).  I felt really in my element. Here’s a lineup of my fave’s:


Goodnight Market

We’ve reached the end and I am still standing, actually I’m feeling invigorated and inspired.  Here’s when I have to make myself slow down, even just for a bit. I’m off for a cleansing, relaxing weekend. Look out next week for my Market Highlights post. Ciao!


It’s Been a Week of Party Prep

I had a full week of ‘party-ing’ for market. Months of pre planning and it all comes together and SINGS!

The first party was for the Bernhardt 125th anniversary. Every detail was thought out from each bar to the signature cocktail. Next up, I styled my back yard with the creative gurus behind Lonny Magazine and Parlore who had rented my house for the week. The spirits were flowing, the food truck was delish, and mood was sublime. Working with the talented people are what truly made these soirées a success.  I loved every minute of it and I am already counting the days until Spring market so I can do it all over again.



Market Maven

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (at least for designers!).  Fall Market is among us, and my adreneline is flowing!  I have my days mapped out, parties planned, and I’m ready to see what new things will catch my attention this time. Stay tuned!

 market maven

LSI MixologY Tent Sale at Market!

Attention designers, if you are coming to High Point for Market, come by and see us! Lisa Sherry Interieurs and Susan Simpson Home are having their first ever Market tent sale.

Cash (or CC) and carry one-of-a-kind finds.
 Can’t wait to see you!


Après Market Ahhhh …

The fabulous Spring Furniture Market ended yesterday. I am so ready for the weekend. But there was just one not-so-itty-bitty piece of Market business to wrap up: a personal purchase for my new dream home extérieur. Normally, I shop for clients at Market, but I could not resist this super-swanky lounge chair from Texture. I love the super-sized look, but have to confess that transporting it from the Texture showroom to my backyard was quite the LSI cross-fit challenge. Enter design heavy-weights Mary and Kathryn. As the three of us rassled the lounge chair (camera in hand), it struck us that these snaps beautifully illustrate the difference between what people THINK  it’s like to be a interior and what it’s REALLY like. Frankly, I’m living the dream and wouldn’t have it any other way.



My Favorite Market

What do shagreen, Palm Beach, precious jewels, geometry and Lillian August have in common? These are just a few of my favorite finds, themes and people at what’s shaping up to be My Favorite Market. Caveat: I am a designer and shopper by trade and I’ve attended the High Point Furniture Market many times. I speak with some authority. High Point is killing it!

Make way for glam. The prevailing organic and reclaimed trends of the last few markets are giving way to glamour and a little bit of luxe. Where thirsty driftwood once ruled, faux shagreen and lush painted finishes are making happy inroads. In lots of colors too – from minty greens and greiges to more dramatic jewel-tones. Imagine an emerald cocktail tray table set on a gold geometric base. Or bookcase nooks painted in ruby red. Or a very traditional equestrian statue shellacked in sapphire blue.

I love lattice. Coupled with the bold colors, it’s a throwback, of course, to Palm Beach circa 1960s through the early 1980s. Delightful time travel. But it all feels new for today. Lattice may be part of a larger trend tied to geometry – rugs and textiles are all about repetitive pattern and color play.

Design is personal. It was pure pleasure to work with designer John Black on the Compendium presentation at Vanguard. Another Market delight has been connecting with Lillian August. I have admired her from afar and had a chance to meet with this style leader, entrepreneur and design icon in person at her beautiful showroom. Is anyone better with color than Ms. August? 

There are still three more days until Market ends on Thursday. But the jury is not out. Spring 2013 is My Favorite Market.

The Big Reveal: John Black’s Compendium for Vanguard Is Here

I never go backwards. Maybe I just don’t have that gear. As many of you know, I began my career as a photo stylist and that was a bit of a short hop-skip-and-jump to the world of showroom design. So, when I was offered an opportunity to design the High Point Market showroom space for John Black’s new uncollected collection Compendium for Vanguard furniture, I paused. For a heartbeat. And then I said YES!

I love John Black’s aesthetic. I knew the experience would be wonderful and totally NEW. John and the Vanguard team gave us great ideas and inspiration and wonderful creative leeway. Piece by piece, fabric by fabric, the Lisa Sherry Interieurs team painstakingly specified every finish and fabric in the space. Space planning was fun. And challenging. We created visual pops and surprises throughout the space to please the eye AND make it fun and easy to shop. Every accessory was specified – and often created – with exacting care. Compendium is John Black’s brainchild, of course. He was involved every step of the way. All the way around – John’s team, my team, the Vanguard team – it was a wonderful collaboration.

Now, all that remains is for everyone to come see Compendium at Vanguard. Vanguard’s Andy Bray has graciously permitted me to offer a sneak peek of the space. It’s a Lisa Sherry Interieurs Market exclusive. My snapshots are indeed just snapshots, so please come see it in person. I’d love to know what you think…. 

Sneak Peek: Texture

The International Furniture Market in High Point, North Carolina, starts a week from today. I expect great things, especially from Texture, one of my very favorite showrooms. It’s right next to Verellen (nice neighborhood!) at 517 South Hamilton Street. Texture is the brainchild of Patrick and Mareita. Patrick is an Irishman with (I-kid-you-not) a twinkle in his eye and a lilt in his voice; you can’t help but love him. And that’s what Mareita discovered too, his wife and partner. Mareita was a successful designer and shopkeeper until she met Patrick. Together they conceived Texture and have never looked back.

I snuck in the Texture showroom late yesterday with a clandestine camera to snag some preview shots of what’s for sale, there are one-of-a-kind true jewels that my friends are discovering in Bali between markets. Look for me at Texture when the Market opens next week. I’ll be the girl with the truck…

Tell them we sent you!

Meet the Man Behind the Curtain: Ron Fiore

Drum roll, please! My biggest delight and surprise at Market was the Bernhardt showroom. Yep. Truthfully, I’d never been in the showroom before. I just was never drawn there. This Market it was a must-see on my list because Ron Fiore became Bernhardt’s creative director this past spring. He really is a wizard (former creative director at Hickory Chair) and I couldn’t wait to see what he’d been up to.

Ron has a way of seeing. And, his vision – full of style, surprise, color, smart editing and personality – permeated the showroom. Who knew Bernhardt was so cool! Hickory Chair fans (and I am one of them) take note – Ron did NOT simply do “Hickory Chair” at Bernhardt. Apparently, Ron’s creativity is just bottomless, because the look is new, exciting and different. I snuck some snaps. Very cool ….