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We ♥ Our Readers

What an innovative, inspiring way to tame ivy grown amok. Yet, it’s more likely that this wonderful image is the result of careful planning and pruning (with ladder and hedge trimmers in gloved hand). Consider this an on-line air kiss with well wishes for a lovely weekend from your friends here at Lisa Sherry Interieurs.

photo via.

Into the Garden

Needless to say, nature is wild thing. And while an untamed garden has a certain elemental appeal, what’s not to love about symmetry – beautifully contained gardens with manicured beds, well-coiffed shrubs, amazing mazes and even an exotic bloom or two. With this in mind, the LSI Friday bouquet goes to this garden for mastering Mother Nature (at least for the moment). Have a lovely weekend.

Any info on the source would be appreciated. I shot it with my phone while perusing a homeowner’s book in Provence.

Spring turns to Summer turns to Fall

We’re sure that most of you read Anna Spiro’s blog, “Absolutely Beautiful Things”.

It’s strange to be sitting on one side of the globe, trying to hold on to the last bits of Summer while reading of her plans to start her garden. She’s calling for Spring, with dahlias and daisies in her future. Meanwhile, here, the leaves on the poplars are already starting to turn.

For those of us in this hemisphere, here’s to the waning days of summer. Ours was perfection. Hope you had your fun!

bye bye, pool. Hello football.

Happy Hot-Stuff Weekend

It’s quite clear to us that the heretofore agreed upon seasonal calendar is now completely out of step with actual weather conditions. It’s summer, people. At least we’ve got our hydrangeas to look forward to. An entire length of country lane lined with the stuff? In giant terracotta? Yes, please.

Hope everyone finds a shady spot this weekend!

image via May 2011 Veranda, via MFAMB

Bringing back an old tradition: May Baskets

It wasn’t that long ago when this time of year meant your mother had you out in the yard, gathering flowers to place in a small paper cone. We would tie a ribbon to the “May Baskets”, and run around to the homes of our neighbors, leaving the flowers hanging on the front door as a little anonymous surprise. We’re just a little sad that this charming May Day custom has fallen out of favor, so we’d like to revive it- this time just a little bit bigger & with a little more “bling”.

We put together some Sweet William, azalea, white tulips, feathery ornamental grasses and, of all things, some cilantro that had gone to flower. Add a hit of silver leaf on a brown craft paper cone, and some vintage prisms from a crystal chandelier…and voila, it’s May Day our way!

Force of Nature

When you prune this March hold on to those dogwood and quince branches and by surprising tactics you can add gorgeous accents to interiors.  Simply clip the branches, place in water and, although it seems counter intuitive, keep humidified in dark cool location (like a garage) until buds start to break. These clippings make effortless arrangements and many woody deciduous shrubs can be forced to bloom this way.

Some other sites for more detailed instructions: Of course we had to tap Martha on this one.  And for the truly dedicated botanist click here.

He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not

FEB garden guru

A handpicked bouquet of fleurs… such a sweet expression of love. But winter can be a deal-breaker unless you live in a warm climate. Fear not Minnesotans (and the like). Creative thinkers can always find blooms for beloveds! With a little bit of luck and good timing you can capture delicate ice flowers early in the morning after a cold night with little wind. Grab a digital snapshot or better yet simply blind-fold your (trusting) honey and lead him in slippers and parka to the special spot.

Making Merry Less Ordinary

We were delighted by these left of center garlands and holiday arrangements.  Enjoy!

holiday bloomsA gorgeous grouping of hellabores show holiday arrangements do not always require evergreens.

holiday naturalA small detail but inspired nonetheless.  Feathers to complete this festive vignette.

copper tubing garlandGenius innovation Billy Milner uses copper tubing as garland!

holiday sprigA simple bundle shows the beauty to be found in the more stark silhouettes of the winter scape.

Organic Inspiration

Certainly, many designers make use of plants to contrast and soften or to simply fill a space, but the key to their successful use is judicious placement and selection.  Plants work when they are integrated into the design rather than used as an afterthought.   

plants 1This dramatic arrangement acts as an architectural element anchoring the room.

 plants 2The height and scale of this fiddle leaf ficus provides a connection between low slung furnishings and the extreme height of the interior.  The gaze is drawn upward to keep the eye scanning throughout the whole space.


plants 3Another important element – the container, or lack thereof.  This simply wrapped root ball shows just how the container serves to further express the aesthetic of the surroundings.  We can’t imagine a more appropriate way to relate to the worn and textural elements of this vignette.


plants 4Via India Hicks and David Flint Wood.  

Often designers use plants to “soften”.  In contrast, these fronds serve as a highly graphic and rectilinear element with the more static furnishings expressing softer lines.  Proof that every design rule can and should be challenged.

Music of the Spheres

Scholars and Astronomers once believed the universe was comprised of a series of perfect spheres nestled one inside the next, rotating independently.  The sound they made as they moved was termed music of the spheres.  We still think spheres bring harmony to the environment… interior and exterior.

sandstone spheresGeometric shapes serve as the perfect jewel in an organic setting.  As winter approaches architectural elements like these sand stone orbs add interest to an increasingly sparse landscape.

organic orb pendantsLove the contrast of organic material and simple geometry in these pendants.

geometric vegitation Of course the artful application of topiary perfectly expresses the beauty of a delightfully imperfect geometry.