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It’s the time of the year when getting out of town sounds amazing. The weather is just right for those beach, mountain or lake get-a-ways. If you are camping, sailing, or in an exotic tiki hut do it in style….. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!



Rock Your Gypsy Soul

Luxe Life Camp is back, and if you missed the boat for our Fall session (or you want to come back for more!), our Spring session is ready for sign-ups. Luxe Life Camp is a magical, one-weekend experience for women only at Skyland Retreat in the mountains of North Carolina.  Come solo (most do) or cobble together a group of BFFs. We promise a transformative experience at an all inclusive price.


Learn More + Sign Up Here!

LLC 2 19

Heigh-ho, It’s Off to Camp We Go!

Experience is a great teacher, don’t you think? And, that’s the fundamental premise behind my latest brainchild: Lisa Sherry Interieurs Luxe Life Camp.

Since you’re a reader you know that my business and my passion is creating beautiful interieurs, exterieurs and, well, all-around beautiful living. I call it the Luxe Life. It puts a skip in my step and a smile on my face. And, I will modestly add that I am a bit of an expert on luxury with a casual, even campy twist. The really wonderful news is that I have not cornered the market on this coveted, opposites-attract thing I call the Luxe Life. It’s really open to everyone and anyone who seeks it.

So seek and ye shall find it in September.  I’m super excited to introduce Luxe Life Camp. It’s a fun three-day Luxe Life emersion.  It’s posh and luxurious. It’s casual and laid back. It’s full of activity or quietude (your call). My venue is Skyland Camp for Girls, a 100-year-old-plus girls’ camp just outside of Asheville. The camp’s owners are longtime Lisa Sherry Interieurs clients from DC and they are transforming their delightful open-six-weeks-annually girls’ camp into something more. Luxe Life Camp is part of the “more.”

You’re invited to join me and the LSI merrymakers at Luxe Life Camp. We can only accommodate 20 campers for this inaugural experience, so do sign up now. You can get more skinny on what it’s all about, including fees and reservation details via the link below.

I promise  you and experience: Luxe Life emersion in a posh camping environment. Does it sound like a contradiction in terms? Ah…therein lies the secret!

Sign Up Info Here. 



The Inside Story on The Greenbrier from Mary Bracey

On special occasions I relinquish the keyboard and the mouse to welcome a guest blogger. Today’s one of those days. I’m delighted to introduce LSI designer Mary Bracey. Mary began her design career with LSI as an intern, as she was completing her degree. She was so talented and helpful, I couldn’t let her “graduate” from LSI when true graduation day rolled around. Mary had a few coveted days off last week for a trip to The Greenbrier. We couldn’t all go with her (her husband would not have been happy), but no worries. Here’s Mary’s at-large report on the charms of The Greenbrier.

FROM MARY: Being a guest at The Greenbrier is sort of a pilgrimage for me. I’ve read about it, I’ve heard about it, I’ve studied it in books. It was a supreme treat to experience the Greenbrier in a fabulous weekend stay. After joining the LSI team, I quickly became a devotee of Casual Luxe, Lisa’s signature style. I would say the Greenbrier style is Easy Luxe – a close relative. Maybe that’s why the Greenbrier felt pretty much move-in ready for me. I told Lisa, I could live here!

Dorothy Draper’s classic style permeates every nook and cranny of the Greenbrier. (And, I checked them all out.) The space is filled to the brim with color and pattern. Kudos to DD’s protege Carlton Varney for honoring his mentor’s sensibilities in ways that are spot-on for today. All I can say is that the Greenbrier’s mix of styles, bold colors, and commitment to pattern really becomes a part of you when you’re immersed in this environment.

The Greenbrier is a complete experience. It’s more than decor, although I found room-after-room of inspiration. The Greenbrier is tradition. I did not miss a beat – or an event. Four o’clock is tea time, naturally. The champagne toast with the Greenbrier dancers at 10 p.m. in the casino cannot be missed. What you’ve heard is correct – the bathrobes and slippers are the lushest and plushest ever.

I am struggling with Greenbrier withdrawal. One notable symptom is a craving to paper my whole house in banana leaf wallpaper. I wonder if there’s a 12 step program….


The Greenbrier.


Winter Dreams: Picture Me Here

A girl can dream, can’t she? Think ocean, jetty, bandeau, big hat, Jackie-O glasses. There is only room for me and my guide on the boat, but all are welcome to join in my dark-days-of-winter reverie. (P.S. the days ARE getting longer. And, here’s to a swell weekend.)


The Usual Things in Unusual Places

I believe the magic’s in the mix. I love to shake it up. I wanted to share a little secret on how to make that happen. Do very usual, ordinary things in unusual places. It’s so fun. Throw away the guide book when you’re traveling and find out where the locals eat. Take a chance. It might be delicious. Take a pass on the famous out-of-town shopping district. Look for a neighborhood boutique or better yet a flea market (especially good when you’re in Paris!). And for my very favorite, when I’m traveling and feeling overwhelmed with so much to see and so much to do … I stop. I break for coffee, wine, conversation. Pretending you’re at home in a faraway place makes you a local. That’s a kick!

(P.S. How about vice-versa? Introduce something exotic and unusual to your 24-7!)

photos top to bottom: one, two, three, four.

Go Glamping

We LOVE special occasions, long-planned exotic trips and shimmering five-star hotels. We admit it. But, here at Lisa Sherry Interieurs, we think luxury should be an every day occurrence. Thus, we are raising our collective hands to support the new Glamping trend. It’s camping, but with a piquant twist of luxury. Bring out the china, Belgian linens, lanterns, portieres, the caviar and crystal. Rarify a rural environment with finery. Think tents (Gypsy FaireTents is a fave), tree houses, airstreams, campers and yurts – with a new, luxurious flair.

Recreate Out of Africa luxury in your own tree house.

Clearly, wonderful things are happening inside this palatial tent.

Create your own Kasbah.

Casa Lola Longings

We love the reality of everyday life. Yet, we crave vacations. So when impatience and wanderlust start tugging at our coattail – often in the super market checkout line – one of our little tricks to satisfy the craving is (drum roll) … a smart phone fantasy. Won’t you join us for a virtual trip down the rabbit hole and meander through our latest find – a Brazilian getaway called Casa Lola? We are in the business of turning ideas into fabulous reality, so we may be booking passage soon. See you there?

A short walk from the quadrado or village square in Trancoso, Casa Lola is our idea of perfection. The perfect backdrop for our next stack of vacation photos and memories.

We love the juxtaposition of raw materials and modern lines and the blurred boundaries between interior and exterior. It creates a seamless living space.

Travel Plans?

Yes, it’s that time again. Most of us have been pretty lucky to have an oh so warm winter and maybe it’s not as crucial to “get out of dodge” this year.  In case you want to feel the sand in your toes or wear a straw hat, check out The Viceroy in Anguilla designed by the masterful Kelly Wearstler.
Driftwood and travertine are stunning, dramatic and perfectly mixed. Love the monochromatic feel of this place.  A must see destination, who cares if the winter has been pleasantly temperate!  A trip is in order asap, someone call my travel agent!  I imagine myself padding around in my own private world of neutral. AHHHH. With all this calm, who needs cocktails?  Well ok, may not need them, but they won’t hurt.

all images via The Viceroy


Ciao! Let’s travel!

18 Fleeting Hours in London

So much to do and so little time! The last leg of of our trip was a whirlwind tour of London, and we made the most of the few hours we had.

“Impromptu” is our middle name, but we’re not vagabonds. One piece of pre-planned luck – terrific accommodations at Number 16 in South Kensington (a fab Firmdale hotel). Wonderful traditional interiors with a kick and a wink.

First stop, the V&A to see the Post Modern exhibit. We wondered if the charming and iconic fire-engine red phone booths might be an anachronism with ever-present cell phones.

Our next stop was non-stop. We walked and talked and shopped along the Brompton Road and Kings Road thoroughfares. Dusk falls early and for the first time this year it felt like Christmas – so many wonderful small shops subtly aglow. And, of course, Harrods was ablaze.

 We were in London so of course we had to eat Indian! Kudos to the Star of India. Delish food and drink. Near the end of our trip, we finally started to master the mysterious coinage – quids, farthings, pence and half-pences  — just in time to liquidate at the restaurant.

 There really no place like home. The “rub” (how can we not include a Shakespeare reference?) is to feel at home in faraway places. It’s a mindset and a skillset. We’re eager for the next adventure!