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A bit of party inspiration

I thought it would be fun to share a bit of what is inspiring me this holiday season. I try to keep my party planning fun and relaxing. My number one rule is to enjoy my own party. Nothing says party-pooper like the hostess frantically running around picking up dirty dishes. Try and think outside of the “normal” Christmas decor, but keep it simple.


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A signature cocktail + the freshest farmers market appetizer + fish on the grill = summer solstice party.

Invite all your friends (even those that don’t know each other), set up a lovely table and pop the cork on your favorite rose’ or cocktail…after all June 21st, should be spent outside enjoying the longest day of the year.



And the Oscar goes to…

I’m getting inspired to host an Oscar party this weekend with my own spin.  I’m not a big fan of red, especially not red carpeting, but this red runner with the ethnic twist is the perfect solution.  Everyone dress up and give your own acceptance speeches while donning beautiful attire and sipping the best of the best cocktails.



That’s right, I am thrilled to announce that Michelle Adams, Editor-in-Chief of the re-vamped Domino Magazine, and her crew will be spending the next few days at my house, shooting for the next edition of Domino.


Double Feature in Duality

What do you do if you LOVE movies but HATE going to movies. Really, don’t even get me started on what’s wrong with the multiplex at the mall. I say, stage you own movie night. Since it’s summer, my preferred venue is our spacious screened-in porch with a white bedsheet as the silver screen.  (Of course, there’s extra cricket and tree-frog sound effects.) Double features are the best. Most recently, sweet Audrey and her Vespa faced off against the much-maligned Marie, the bad girl of Versailles. We had snacks to match: healthy food and indulgent delights. Two thumbs up, don’t you think?



How to be a Holiday Hostess with the Mostess

What’s the secret to effortless holiday hosting, especially when overnight guests come knocking at the door? It’s rigorous planning — with a strong measure of creativity. Wonderful things happen by accident, but only if the stage is properly set. So, with that in mind, I’m delighted to share my top-ten hostess-extraordinaire tips. Some regard entertainment — have books, board games, magazines, movies, and music ready to cue up at any time. Comfort rules — think faux fur throws and slippers. Feeling peckish? So will your guests. Have lots of nibbles and potent potables (adults only) on hand. You’ll note rubber gloves are on my must-have list. Give everyone a chance to chip in (without spoiling the manicure).

Drum roll, please! What’s #10 on my list? You didn’t think we’d have a list of nine, did you? My final and most important advice on how to be the hostess with the mostess is for you yourself to have a great time. Plan in advance, but when your guests arrive, let it all go. Improvise. If you’re happy, relaxed and flexible, odds are your guests will follow suit!

Lisa’s Holiday Stress Home Remedy

Do you believe in seasonal disorders? I do. And holiday overload is one. For the most part, I love the revelry of the season, fa-la-la. Shopping, entertaining, giving, getting, toasting, caroling and cavorting. But sometimes a self-imposed time out is in order in the form of a super-leisurely breakfast in bed. (Best of all, it can happen any time of the day.) Silver coffee service, shades and bangles are the preferred accoutrements. It’s time to unwind, enjoy and (then) go again!

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Boho Holiday

It may be time for Norman Rockwell to move over. I’m thinking of that quintessential Thanksgiving Day painting with the 1940’s family expectantly ’round the bird. This year, I plan to hold on to the tradition, but shake it up. Goodbye Windsor chairs; hello blankets and rugs. Fire pit, not fireplace. Sprinkle in good friends with family members. Spread the menu wings beyond turkey. Maybe the gravy is a curry concoction. Our Thanksgiving holiday wish for you? Shake it up and pass it along.

No Labor Entertaining

As you delve into Labor Day weekend, you should not feel daunted by the role of entertainer.  Set up a relaxed tablescape outdoors and make one fabulous dish.  Enjoy conversation with friends and cherish the beginning of a season filled with cooler evenings. A few bottles of wine and you’re good to go! I found this delish recipe on one of my favorite food blogs, what katie ate.

photos: food, outdoor.

I see London…

Here at LSI, we’re  seeing red, white and blue (Union Jack style) this week as all eyes turn to London for the start of the XXX Olympics. If you are not  able to cross the pond and attend in person, no worries. Plan your own Opening Ceremonies party and olympian viewing marathons for your favorite events. Great British swag abounds (we know; we’ve been shopping and party planning). See you at high tea!

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