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A NeUtral PaLeTTe….

When deciding what paint to go with, having a neutral palette allows the walls to act as a blank canvas. This also allows for other objects to “pop” out.

Here are some of my favorite paints to use from Benjamin Moore:



When it comes to making YOUR interior truly yours, adding art can express your style and make your space one of a kind.

Here are some of my favorites…….



I’ve been designing a lot of bathrooms lately and thought I would share with you some of my favorite ideas that I believe will make your bathroom special

I love neutral colors and texture. SURPRISE!

.    textured baskets for towels and toilet paper

.    garden stools or wood blocks for holding your shampoos and soaps

.    special artwork is not for the living room only

.   mix finishes, gold, silver and black all work together. remember that mixing creates a collected and eclectic look

.   try an unusual sink from stone or concrete

.   a ladder serves as a towel rack

.   how about rope to hold your toilet paper?

.   add accessories in your bath the same as you would in your living rooms

.   a dramatic mirror that stands out creates interest.






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Summer is not officially here but once memorial day passes I’m ready to dress the part. As with my interiors, same guidelines apply.

Texture and pattern, classic stripes and the details of the RIGHT accessories! All neutral of course!


My Take on Floral

I’m always one to love a mix.  I am always true to my neutral-love, but mixing in a classic floral can really complete a room.


Downton Abbey as Inspiration

Can’t get enough of the Crawley family of Downton Abbey?  You can incorporate some of their romantic classic style and be your own masterpiece!Print

Seize the Polar Vortex

These winter months can seem to drag on and on, especially if you are a sun-lover like me.  Why not take advantage of this polar vortex and bring out your inner snow bunny.  Your interieur can be equally as sexy with a few right touches.  As I’ve said before, it is all in the details.  And in this case it is all about the layers.  Stay warm!



I’m not a huge fan of color. I prefer to live in a world that is for the most part colorless, yet full of rich texture, warmth and light. I understand color and appreciate it when I see it in others homes and add color for clients that like it.

Last year we dabbled in white with pops of color but this year it’s white with pops of black. YIPEE! Did you know that I consider black a neutral and part of the white family? It’s as colorless as white and equally as sophisticated. I think by now, we are all onboard for the transition to gold so throw some organic into the mix and delight.


About Face… 2014

Apre’ holiday always makes me wistful for spring and encourages me to cleanse all signs of winter in my house, BUT,  It’s 7 degrees here in NC today! BURRR

Sometimes we just need a few ideas to inspire change and begin to think in a fresh new way…. Happy 2014!










I love art.

I can’t say that I am a curator of fine art but I do love unique pieces that are found or collected. Art is specific to each person and we all like what we like for whatever reason. It just speaks to us.

As import as the art itself, how and where to use it for greatest impact and interest is key. I struggle with art that is lonely on a wall due to scale or being hung to high. (ugh)

I’ve collected a few of my latest ideas here to explain my vision.

I love really large paintings directly painted on a wall or an unframed canvas loosely pinned in place.

When there are  lots of  pieces I want to use, wall collages (random or graphically placed) work.

Ledges can ground art on a large wall.

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