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My Take on Floral

I’m always one to love a mix.  I am always true to my neutral-love, but mixing in a classic floral can really complete a room.


Downton Abbey as Inspiration

Can’t get enough of the Crawley family of Downton Abbey?  You can incorporate some of their romantic classic style and be your own masterpiece!Print

Seize the Polar Vortex

These winter months can seem to drag on and on, especially if you are a sun-lover like me.  Why not take advantage of this polar vortex and bring out your inner snow bunny.  Your interieur can be equally as sexy with a few right touches.  As I’ve said before, it is all in the details.  And in this case it is all about the layers.  Stay warm!



I’m not a huge fan of color. I prefer to live in a world that is for the most part colorless, yet full of rich texture, warmth and light. I understand color and appreciate it when I see it in others homes and add color for clients that like it.

Last year we dabbled in white with pops of color but this year it’s white with pops of black. YIPEE! Did you know that I consider black a neutral and part of the white family? It’s as colorless as white and equally as sophisticated. I think by now, we are all onboard for the transition to gold so throw some organic into the mix and delight.


About Face… 2014

Apre’ holiday always makes me wistful for spring and encourages me to cleanse all signs of winter in my house, BUT,  It’s 7 degrees here in NC today! BURRR

Sometimes we just need a few ideas to inspire change and begin to think in a fresh new way…. Happy 2014!










I love art.

I can’t say that I am a curator of fine art but I do love unique pieces that are found or collected. Art is specific to each person and we all like what we like for whatever reason. It just speaks to us.

As import as the art itself, how and where to use it for greatest impact and interest is key. I struggle with art that is lonely on a wall due to scale or being hung to high. (ugh)

I’ve collected a few of my latest ideas here to explain my vision.

I love really large paintings directly painted on a wall or an unframed canvas loosely pinned in place.

When there are  lots of  pieces I want to use, wall collages (random or graphically placed) work.

Ledges can ground art on a large wall.

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My Magic Carpet Ride

One day I hope to shop the casbah for Moroccan rugs. But for now, I’m browsing from the comfort of my studio. The right rug can be a stunning finishing touch for a room. And, conversely, a great rug can be unfurled at the beginning of the design process, a creative firestarter. But beginning, middle or end, I think the time is always right for one of these fab new-old Moroccan rugs. They’re wonderfully textural (go ahead and take your shoes off). Patterns are geometrical, but subtle and often abbreviated – very different from the bold and hypnotic geometric textile patterns flooding the market. Colors are surprising and often subdued – a full array of beiges and taupes with gray hues and comforting pops of sherbets. Look for the Moroccans in the smartest rooms this fall.


Dining Tablescape

As a designer and a creative type, I get super excited when I see a big empty canvas. I think, here’s a pristine space begging for expression. And, that’s what I love about dining room tables. They’re not just for meals. And, honestly, they’re not just for dining rooms. (Of course, this from a woman who has a ping pong table in her home’s official “dining room.”) For today’s blog, I’m serving up some great ideas for tablescaping your dining room table. Let’s go…


Here’s a fun collage right from our portfolio. I liked to color at the dining room table as a child and I still do. Outside the lines, of course! Bring your own Crayolas.

Lisa Sherry Interieurs


Have you noticed that everything is better by candlelight? Random clusters of candles in various sizes and vessels really ought to be a designer’s trade secret. Here’s an extra tip: for the dining room, unscented candles are always preferred. Don’t complete with the aromas from you kitchen.

Lisa Sherry Interieurs


This dining room vingnette  looks like it might double as a home office. The duo of chairs (love it that they do not match) makes it feel like a partner’s desk. Until dinner is served, of course.



I have an amazingly creative client in the heart of an historic and fairly traditional Charlotte, North Carolina, neighborhood. I love it that she said YES when we proposed shaking the dining room table up with layered textiles and collectibles.

Lisa Sherry Interieurs


Who else loves to exaggerate? The oversized clam-shell inspired bowl is a knockout. It works especially well in this dining room where opposites attract: modern chairs + claw-foot table = brilliant!

7There are no excuses. Even if you live in a barn, you can create a lovely tablescape. Here, a series of mismatched tables harmonize with great textiles, goblets, candles and serving pieces to make this a meal to remember. Have a seat on a bale of hay. This image is near and dear to my heart – it’s at Luxe Life Camp. I’ll be packing for this weekend’s event as soon as I hit the “publish” button to this posting.

My Crush on Vintage Portraits

It’s slightly annoying and also immensely satisfying when I fall in love with a design idea and it becomes popular. It’s sort of like a best friend dating an old boyfriend. I get it that I don’t own the idea (or the boy). I want him (or the idea) to have a bright future without me. Yet, I feel a little wistfully possessive at the same time. Take vintage portraits. Love them. And, we dated pretty much exclusively for the longest time. I have collected all manner of portraits for years. It’s something about faces that I love.

Vintage portraits are peaking right now in the world of interiors. And deservedly so. But as an original devotee, I’ll share a perspective that makes them work hard and beautifully in a room. The portrait’s actual pedigree doesn’t matter so much as long as it’s interesting. So stylistically, Mona-Lisa type classic portraiture works. Mad and mod-inspired portraits, also great. Any era can be the right era. They key is in the mix. Modern portrait + classic design plan. Or traditional portrait + modern vibe. And, absolutely, have fun playing along that scale so long as you don’t hit a equilibrium. It’s boring.

Having trouble picturing what I mean? No worries. Here are some examples from my own collection. Even though LSI doesn’t own this trend exclusively, I think we helped ignite it. Vintage portaits … more than a short-lived crush, don’t you think?





My corridor collection. Every hallway needs a lusty woman!



Yes, Mr. Lincoln counts! Nothing like a modern portrait of an historical figure.



Decorating the Loo

For those of us with the design gene, no space is unimportant. As a lowly example, let’s take that inevitable little space behind the toilet. Or do you say commode? Necessity mandates that every home has (at least) one. Maybe it’s because I am personally reinventing three bathroom spaces in my own home, but lately I’ve been struck by the amazing creativity at work in bathrooms and, to be even more micro, the little, often-overlooked parcel of real estate behind the john. Here are some of my favorite picks:


What a brilliant idea to expand stackable surface space with a glass shelf flush to the toilet tank. Every detail is functional and fun.  Small spaces are no reason to think small. Creativity trumps size everyday.



Why not assemble like-palette collectibles on a great tray atop the tank. I’m guessing guest bath here. What a thoughtful hostess to offer easy access to Kiehl’s favorites.



This tiny bathroom might be a ho-hum affair, but for the fab, over-the-top marbleized wall paper applied chair-rail-level through ceiling. A great look and perfectly accessorized with a light hand.



I love this girl-crazy bathroom. So feminine and so fun: cotton-candy stripped walls, finger-paint artwork, swell towels and a perfectly accessorized tank-top tray. Kudos for the unconventional mirror too!



And here’s one for the guys where the line between library and lavatory is blurred. But beautifully so. I love the towering bookshelf. This idea could very easily be executed tank-top like a makeshift built in. A novel idea, don’t you think?