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Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree!



Luxe Life Camp…SOLD OUT

I am beyond thrilled to have our 2nd only Luxe Life Camp SOLD OUT! Sadly we have been turning people away but stay tuned to my blog /instagram and facebook (like our page) and follow closely with what’s happening at this upcoming session. I’ll be posting photos and updates.

Upcoming  Luxe Life Camp dates are in the works so sign up early to make sure you secure your spot!!


TOP ELEVEN Reasons to Sign up for LUXE LIFE CAMP

Last week, I shared the TOP TEN reasons to sign up for LUXE LIFE CAMP (See Below). Today, I’m beyond delighted to announce an 11th reason. Accomplished abstract artist Windy O’Connor will be on the faculty of merry markers at September’s CAMP! SEPTEMBER 12-14!


Windy will lead an art workshop at Camp. It’s a great chance to channel your inner artist with the guidance of an accomplished and inspiring professional. Who knows, you might create your own personal masterpiece at Windy’s workshop. I LOVE Windy’s modern perspective on art and have used her work in my own installations.

Luxe Life Camp is about the philosophies, healthy living choices and designs that inspire my own life. I have found that when I’m looking, I find that inspiration is everywhere. I’ve pulled it all together for Luxe Life Camp. The addition of Windy O’Connor just puts the whole weekend over the top!

We are expecting a full Luxe Life Camp, but some bunks are still open. Early Bird registration with special pricing ends on AUGUST 15TH so….get those credit cards out and sign up now!


TOP TEN Reasons to Sign Up for LUXE LIFE CAMP







Luxe Life Camp is a magical one-weekend experience for women at Skyland Retreat in the mountains of North Carolina. Come solo (most do) or assemble a group of BFFs. We promise a transformative experience – plus archery, horseback riding, interior design workshops, clean/gourmet food, cocktails, relaxation, open-air sleeping porches, conversation and camaraderie. All over the course of three glorious days for one, all-inclusive price.




Unintended Consequences

Luxe Life Camp Postponed


Who knew interior design was a blood sport?  I wish I had a sexier story but I fell off my kitchen counter and broke my arm. Don’t ask!  As a result of the spillage, my team (including orthopedist) advise we postpone May’s Luxe Life Camp. Stay tuned for a new date to come this fall.

doggy with cone



Luxe Life Camp clean-eating, gourmet fare satisfies every appetite. Our bar quenches every thirst.


Luxe Life Camp is a magical one-weekend experience for women only at Skyland Retreat in the mountains of North Carolina. Come solo (most do) or cobble together a group of BFFs. We promise a transformative experience at an all inclusive price.







Conversations With Friends: Windy O’Connor

I heard Windy’s name long before I met her. Her talent and energy drew me to her and when we finally met at my Luxe Life Camp, it was as if we had always known each other. Here is my latest conversation with Windy.



Windy: My first creative expression was singing and creating skits.  My sister and I had an entire routine designed to accompany Barry Manilow’s Copa Cabana album.  I would pretend I was a Partridge of the Partridge family and wanted to be adopted by the Brady Bunch.  (giving away my age here)


Windy: I love design and art. I also realize that I use the same elements in both art and design such as composition, balance of color, layering textures and editing.  I am from an artistic family. My dad sang in a band, my sister went to art school and my mother paints. I was the actress and singer of our family so, fine art in some ways felt off limits. A friend of mine invited me to an art class and I was forever hooked!  I started developing my “miles on the canvas”. An art teacher taught me that to get good at what you do, you have to put in the work and the time. I have dedicated hours every day to making up for lost time. I felt from the beginning that this is what I was meant to do.


Windy: Thank you! I love clothes and always have been obsessed with fashion and fashion magazines. When you come from a small town you have to dream outside the city limits.  Fashion and beauty was and is a great way to dream and express myself.   This season I cannot live without my Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers. They go with everything and they are super comfy.  I also adore my Melvin jewelry. I stack several necklaces and bracelets and you have an outfit! I don’t like to take a ton of time getting dressed but, I want to look like I made some effort. This does the trick!  I also, love to steal style secrets from Lisa Sherry…


Windy: Casual get-togethers are the best! Family friends around the pool or a food truck in the driveway are my favorite ways to entertain. I also love to have girlfriends over for a special lunch or couples night for dinner.


Windy: I have 30+ FIRST cousins!


Windy: It would look exactly like my life looks now. I would love to eat any dessert I want and not gain a pound!






Conversations With Friends: Kathy Devereux

Kathy Devereux PR full body blue pants 2013Sometimes my Conversations with Friends blog feature is a way to meet new people who I’ve admired from afar. And, sometimes Convo is one-on-one with someone I know very well. Today’s Conversation with Friends falls into the second category. I’m happy to introduce Kathy Devereux. She’s an amazing friend, a business associate, and, as you’ll see all around interesting, smart and funny, a great trio of characteristics for friends and work cohorts. Kathy is an expert marketer and creative. She spent many years in corporate brand marketing. Today – to the delight of everyone who knows her and especially clients – she is forming her own agency with a focus on her own brand of creative storytelling to support small- and medium-size businesses. She’s very talented and I speak from first-hand experience. Kathy is an at-large member of the LSI team. She’s helped me step-back and think more strategically about what LSI is and, more importantly, what it can be. Curious to know more? Kathy promises a website very soon (we all know the line about “the cobblers wife…” you know the rest), but for now you can reach her at [email protected] In the meantime, read on … 



LISA: Let’s time travel to the past. What did you want to be when you were twelve?

KATHY: Oddly, in my eighth-grade graduation newsletter I say I want to be a diplomat. Self-knowledge must have eluded me. I’m really the sort of person who likes to shake things up. Sometimes that means UN-diplomacy.

LISA: Okay, your childhood in 25 words or less…

KATHY: Chicago. Cubs. Free range. Lightening bugs and attic fans. Hat-making classes at Sayre Park. Failing Girl Scouts. Twelve is the new thirty.

LISA: Okay, I need a follow up question. Twelve is the new thirty…?

KATHY: At about twelve I rejected the whole premise of childhood. I thought I was grown and self-sufficient. Of course, I had the wonderful safety net of a big, sticky family and friends so I skirted disaster.

LISA: You are a brilliant marketer, in my opinion. You say your expertise is “strategy and storytelling.” Tell me more about that.

KATHY: My marketing approach is a little different. I work with clients to tease out the fundamentals of their businesses – who they are, what services or products are offered, what the company personality is and why, ultimately anyone should care … things like that. These points are not always well articulated, so it’s often a journey of discovery. Very fun. Then, we refine the brand proposition and develop natural strategies to advance. Storytelling is simply creative communication across fill-in-the-blank media to capture the end-user’s imagination and, if it’s done right, win their business.

LISA: Tell me about who would hire you? What do your clients look like?

KATHY: My favorite clients are small- to mid-size businesses with an entrepreneurial zeal. I like contagious energy. For the most part my clients are successful – they make great things or offer amazing services. Generally, marketing has not been a top priority, but there’s a sense that it should or can be. Often there’s the recognition that an orchestrated marketing plan can take them to the proverbial next level.

LISA: You’re a word girl and the “right word” never seems to elude you. Tell me what is your favorite single word.

KATHY: That is cruel question. Just one? I’ll pick YARE. It means nimble and flexible; a sailing term. I have yare on the brain because I just struck it from a piece of creative work. Alas, too obscure. But I’ll use it here!

LISA: And now, your least favorite word.

KATHY: I sorta saw that coming. I’ll take CERTAINTY. I think once we’re sure about things, we stop looking for answers. You know, batten the mental hatches and call it a day.

LISA: I must have an interiors question. Tell me what your office looks like.

KATHY: I love to work, so it’s critical that I love my space. I have wonderful modern white laminate partner’s desk from DWR. I sort of share it with my husband, Kenton Robertson, a brilliant photographer. My physical desk and my computer desktop are sort of cluttered (that’s why Kenton gets shorted). I so admire order, but it eludes me. The room has a bank of windows on two sides with lots of light, divans and chairs for guests and pets – Walter the cat and an imaginary poodle. I’m never more than ten paces from the espresso machine.

LISA: It’s my signature fantasy question. Always last. You are imbued with limited-time magical powers. You can transport yourself to any time and any place for one hour. Where will I find you?

KATHY: I knew this was coming! I’d like to bring Thomas Jefferson to the here and now. I’ll say no more. Just think of the possibilities.


Conversations With Friends: Stephen Pappas

I love Conversations with Friends. And, by that I mean everyday quippy banter AND this regular blog feature. The latter gives me an excuse to reach out to people I admire from afar. And, on the flip side, it’s a reason to reconnect friends and favorite people who are not spinning in my everyday orbit. So it goes with Stephen Pappas. A number of years ago, I found myself in a new city with a new job. Stephen was one of the first people I met. He was regularly flying in from one coast or another and we teamed up on many photography styling jobs. I adore Stephen. Over the years, he has been both mentor and friend. Stephen lives the Creative Life. And, the capital letters are intentional. Stephen has wonderful imagination, talent and creativity, expressed in so many ways. Read on now to learn more …


LISA: Let’s go back to the beginning. Where did you grow up? What was life like for young Stephen-the-Young? 

STEPHEN: I grew up in Southern California in Downey. You didn’t ask for a little-known fact about my formative years, but here’s one anyway. I was a professional child singer from ages 9-13 with the Bob Mitchell Boys Choir. We made movies and records and we sang with the New York City Opera in their Los Angeles engagements in 1969 and 1970. Then, I was part of the The Young Americans from ages 15-18. That led to the world of modeling in my late teens early twenties in LA, SF, & NYC. I was always meant for a creative life.

LISA: Who is your favorite relative? Ah, pick only one. And why?

STEPHEN: My grandfather, Hamid Bey. He was always exciting to be with. He seemed to have no limitations; he was a constant source of inspiration and we were very close.

LISA: Another possibly polarizing question: NY or LA. You’ve done both. Pick one.

STEPHEN: LA – definitely! While some of my dearest and longest friendships are in NYC, the way of life here in LA suits me best.

LISA: You’re a shopper. Spill the beans on the latest, greatest shop you’ve found in LA.

STEPHEN: Garde in West Hollywood. It’s a Bohemian Zen with a wonderful mix of luxury items not seen anywhere else. The owner Scottie (tell him I sent you if you pop in) has a very refined eye. The store is uncluttered, imaginative and chic.

LISA: And now NYC … what’s hot on your personal shopping list?

STEPHEN: The next best thing!

LISA: What was your first real job? No paper routes or lawn mowing? The first job that introduced you to the IRS.

STEPHEN: Burger King. I could only go up from there!

LISA: I love that you are a photo stylist as well as an interior designer. That’s been my trajectory too so I think it’s awesome! Explain for my readers what a stylist does?

STEPHEN: Basically, a stylist brings the picture to life. You compose a room, a piece of furniture, or a client’s product and add or subtract within that composition – whatever it takes, to achieve an eye-stopping image.

LISA: How did your photo styling background prepare you for commercial and residential design?

STEPHEN: It actually happened the other way around. I designed my own room with the monies from a movie I did at age 10. I was always conscious of balance of color, furnishings and space. It seems to have been instinctive.

LISA: What’s on your bedside table?

STEPHEN: Boxes. On my Donghia side table I‘ve a Barbara Barry lacquer box, an orange Jonathan Adler lacquer box, an ebony wood sphere box and a white Crate & Barrel lamp. And, of course, and a lot of books and magazines.

LISA: It’s my signature fantasy question. You are imbued with limited-time magical powers. You can transport yourself to any time and any place for one hour. Where will I find you?

STEPHEN: In the future on a distant star! Plotting my next design phase – Intergalactic Design!