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Take Some Time For YOU!

If you are not close to a beach, put on your chicest maillot, grab your sunglasses + chaise lounge and pick up a summer read. Below are a few of my favorites….



I’m Addicted

Addicted to my iPhone, iPad, iMac, iCal.. Sometimes it’s refreshing to break free from our world of screens and take it back to the old school. We miss a lot when we are looking down at our devices and there comes a time we need to be engaged in each other.  This weekend, find the Ping to your Pong.




Since the return from Luxe Life Camp (huge success) I hit the road running and haven’t looked back. New clients… (so fun) and exciting new things in the works.

I always think of fall as my new year, the chance to step back and redesign MYSELF. It’s true what “they” say about the cobblers son having no shoes.


I’m back now, refreshed, revived and  anxious to share more discoveries in design and lifestyle.  All things I see that are important to me to create and curate the LSI LUXE LIFE.


Drape Yourself in the Flag

Hope yours was as good as mine. The Fourth of July celebration that is. Photographer Patrick Cline’s impromptu snap of Kathryn (LSI designer extraordinaire) is the perfect  weekend sign off. Let’s hear it for stars, stripes, Chuck Taylors and Fridays.


Spring Forward Boldy

Time is so fleeting. Especially when we collectively spring forward and lose an hour. Ah, but then there’s the gain!  Daylight savings time officially begins in the wee small hours of the morning on Sunday when all clocks advance by an hour. It’s the harbinger of spring. O happy day. And, happy weekend to you!


image via. 

Of Hashtags and Cross Stitches

Today’s nimble figures are adept at simultaneously streaming Netfix, blogging, texting and tweeting. Has the hashtag replaced the cross stitch? I love the inspiration of this photo: a cross stitch view of the heavens. Wondrous. Maybe a simple craft is the way to find true North? A reflective weekend to all!

image via.

All Calm. All Quiet. All Happiness.

There’s holiday hoopla. And there’s holiday hush. Lisa Sherry Interieurs studio is going quiet for the holidays. We’ll find our way to the studio renewed and refreshed in 2013. But for now…shhhhhh. Office lights out. Candlelight on. Peace and happiness to all.

P.S. The blog never sleeps. Look for digital inspiration through year end!

Savoring Summer

Summer is no day at the beach. It’s days and weeks at the beach. And, one of the many reasons we are infatuated with summer at LSI. Alas, fall is beginning to creep into our consciousness. September magazines are all about autumn, the still-sunny days are ever so slightly shorter, a shrug or a shawl is a good idea after sunset, and back-to school is all the buzz. Our response? We’re with you, sister.

Ode to the fabulous photographer, Jill Greenburg.

A Midsummer’s Day Dream

Lisa Sherry’s dream summer

Can I get personal? I had the idea to blog about my “perfect summer”.  As I sat down to begin, I realized I wanted to do the same thing every day for the whole summer. I am on the road and in the air a lot so I have come to crave the mundane, or perhaps more precisely, the extraordinariness of the everyday. Will I get it? A day…or two…or three. Come join me…

1.  I’m headed to my beach house on a lovely island. I step onto the ferry and the transformation begins. Ahhhh…

2.  I’ve changed clothes – bathing suit and caftan are my new uniform. My mindset changes, too. Stress gets a holiday.

3.  I get around on foot, on bike, or in a golf cart. There are no cars on the island so life is free from traffic (of all sorts).

4.  I will wake up naturally every day around 9 and drink lattes for a couple of hours, read the NY times on my iPad, play Words with Friends and peruse a plethora of shelter magazines. (I am always tuned in.)

5.  My friends have stirred. Did I mention guests? We love summer guests, especially when they don’t act like “guests.” Entertaining is so easy when everyone is at home.

6.  I shall work out everyday. It’s a luxury and a must. Nothing gets in my way – travel, schedule, meeting or distractions. Bike, run, surf, stretch. Namaste.

7.  Late morning (what time is it??), we all have breakfast of fresh fruit, cereal and breads. Perhaps a Bloody Mary or Mimosa. Pour quoi pas? It’s summer.

8.  After brunch, I’ll just see what unfolds. People disperse to follow their whims: beach, sand, surf, chess, scrabble, bocce ball, books. Feeling nappish? A nip of rose spritzer? No problem.

9.  I’ll learn something new during my perfect summer. Maybe it’s time I learned how to paint (beyond Venus Paint By Numbers) or sketch. Maybe I’ll macramé a hanging plant holder (flashback to the 70’s). There’s my husband’s new paddleboard to master. And, I’d like to be a better surfer.

10.  Early evening, I’ll bathe in the outside shower and choose a caftan for cocktail hour(s). I can see yummy anti pasta platters. The bar is open (was it closed?) with the cocktail du jour. Houseguests are required to take turns playing mixologist and concocting new and interesting flavors. More local friends come over to check in and hang out.

11.  Sunset at the beach. No, it’s not a drink. It’s a drive. We’re off to catch the sunset and a sky full of lovely colors as dusk draws near.

12.  I’ll only eat dinner by candlelight. Something simple, fresh and local at about 9:30. French rose abounds as does lively conversation, sparring and even games.

13.  Après dinner, the music may ramp up and culminate in a spontaneous dance party. Sometimes unresolved games summon. Sometimes the Northern Lights or the chance to see a shooting star drives everyone back to the beach.

End it must. My perfect summer day comes to a close naturally. When I’m sleepy, I sleep. The best part is that my perfect summer day is recurring. The next morning I rise to do it all again. This is the art of being.

photo source unknown. 

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