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Poncho Season

A nip in the air calls for a poncho. Just like my interieurs, I love the opportunity to layer myself this time of year.

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I’m feeling Springy

Well it is officially the second day of Spring, and boy do I want it to start acting like it (that I’m sure we can all agree on).  At least now we can start thinking about Spring fashion and there is plenty of inspiration out there. Let me help you get started!

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Downton Abbey as Inspiration

Can’t get enough of the Crawley family of Downton Abbey?  You can incorporate some of their romantic classic style and be your own masterpiece!Print

Seize the Polar Vortex

These winter months can seem to drag on and on, especially if you are a sun-lover like me.  Why not take advantage of this polar vortex and bring out your inner snow bunny.  Your interieur can be equally as sexy with a few right touches.  As I’ve said before, it is all in the details.  And in this case it is all about the layers.  Stay warm!


Party on, Wayne

 Looking forward to a fabulous New Year. But for now, let’s live it up in this one.


Body and Soul

What are you dressing this weekend? If the closet is the room in your home getting all the attention, the outlook is black, layered and swanky. Hummm? Sounds suspiciously like a Lisa Sherry Interieur. It’s all about style. A fab Friday to all.
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Make “Getting There” Part of the [Luxe] Adventure

Does anyone else think air travel these days has gone to the dogs? More specifically – and not that I’ve been in a bus station lately – but to the Grayhounds. Whether you’re in first-class, coach or standby, I say, it needn’t be that way. The sometimes not-so-posh friendly skies are begging for a little luxification!

The Luxe Life (my world view, in case you didn’t know) is all about casual luxury. So when you’re on the jetway, think runway with a casual twist. I gravitate toward black-and-white basics. Make sure your carry-on is as big and seemingly bottomless as Mary Poppin’s bag. Books, magazines, freshen-up creams, portable snacks and even a clandestine mini-bottle (or two) might come in handy. Wise travelers dress in layers. Ever been stuck on the tarmac in July with no AC? Start stripping.

I love to travel. Business or pleasaure, it’s all good. So for me, this means the airport, the TSA, the delays and the occasional unruly child (or grown up) are all part of the grand adventure. My little Luxe Life rule is to do all I can to control my personal environment and then let go. I give myself clearance to F L Y.


Mayday Alert: Get Your Spring On!

One of the reasons I love the change of seasons (except for the transition to winter, of course) is that it’s a reason to reinvent. As if I needed a reason! Okay, it’s a rationale for reinvention. Spring just may be the ultimate example. After all, symbolically spring is all about new beginnings.  As I look out my window, I see great bursts of the yellow-green of spring, plus riots of color. It makes me want to be outside. And bring the outdoors in doors. This is a time of year when we start erasing boundaries – always a good thing.

This year I’m seeing so many parallels between emerging trends for home and ready to wear. Furniture IS fashion for the home, as I’ve said before, so perhaps no big surprises. Pattern – from zigzags, stripes and geometrics – are everywhere from rugs to palazzo pants. Layered looks continue to inspire, but rather than layers of textiles to inspire warmth, it’s draped necklaces and bangles – preferably in brass and tarnished goldtones. Pantone seems to have called it with Emerald as the color of the year; it’s certainly the color of the season, inspired by nature. And improved with a dash of bling.

Here’s to the merry, merry month of May!


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Weekend Ahoy!

Happy Friday. Are you ready to be carried away? Here’s to a weekend of big plans (or vicarious living through this picture) to all. We’re back at it (joyfully) on Monday.

From Runway to Threshold

Ready-to-wear fashion gets to be fickle and fun. It’s one of the exhilarating things about a change of seasons. At least for me. I immerse myself in the new colors, styles, textures and trends. What I’m seeing on the runway, in stores and online is inspiring. Updated, but classic navy (or camel) pea-coats wear well this season. Fur (please say it’s faux) and animal prints add an exotic touch. As do metallics with a shiny touch of glam. I’m seeing the LBD (did you see Maureen Dowd’s column in the Times yesterday?) is big, as always.

Yet, fashion for home interieurs needs more staying power. My clients, for example,  want interiors that evolve and change with their lifestyle. They want to be on-trend but not trendy. As I look at what’s hot this fall, I foresee that these trends will be more than merely hot for a season. They’re going to come home. The navy-camel palette is, simply put, classic and new. Ditto for faux-prints with dashes of metallics. The interieurs equivalent of the Little Black Dress…? Well, that’s the personal object of desire that follows us season after season.

With careful editing and a keen eye, what we wear can predict how we live. What begins on the runway often comes home!