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Valentine’s Day is a good time to reflect and think about the people we care about and love. Or maybe it’s the time to forgive and move on.

Enjoy the weekend doing everything with love…spread the happiness + joy


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Style vs. Brand

Brand names do not always equate to the best product. Style is all about honing your eye to look for the diamond in the rough or that special find in an unusual place. Whether it be with your interieur or with your wardrobe,  it’s nice to have a mix so that your home does not look like it’s straight out of a showroom. Don’t misunderstand, I’m all about a high-end, beautifully curated room.  But a room has so much more style and personality when it contains pieces that tell a story.  Style is not about the price tag. I do have my favorite vendors, but finding unique one-of-a-kind items is one of my trademarks, and I never know when or where I may find something perfect for a project. Brands are easy and obvious but style is intuitive.


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Choose Your Place Wisely






Vision Is Seeing the Invisible

Whistler’s mother must have been a wise woman. She taught her son well! I love the quote from American artist James Whistler. My clients come to me for vision, a way of seeing, a perspective, a point of view.  It’s creative brawn. Therein lies the heavy lifting! I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Color Watch- Purple & Yellow

It seems like this time of year is just right for this palette- a hint of spring, but with grey or black it can remain moody enough for this in-between weather. Why not embrace your inner Lakers fan- wait, we can’t pretend to care about the NBA… but if it gets this color story past the man in your life…we say spin it however you must!

If nothing else, take this from us- a lavender range or bathtub can go a long way to add style & statement, and a yellow high gloss door can never be wrong!

Thanks to Julie @ Shelter for bringing those heels to our attention, and also for featuring our Rue piece last week!

Happy New Year!

We’ve taken our break and we’re ready to go. Is everyone excited about 2012 or is it just us?

Here’s to all of you who stop by our little blog and keep up with the happenings at LSI- we appreciate you and are excited to share our latest install, coming this week, so stay tuned for that.

Happy New Year, everyone. Let’s make it the best year yet!



Embracing a Little Bit of Magic

Never mind that it’s 60F and raining…we’re getting ready to sink into the nostalgia and magic of the holiday season.

And unicorns. We’re going to say it now, unicorns are the new stag heads. Spec’ing them for all future clients…




Feeling Fall-ish

We’ve Succumbed. Here’s to embracing apples, extra carbs, and sunset at 6pm sharp.

Bottoms Up!

 Have a great weekend everyone!

images via Matchbook Mag, and unknown via tumblr

A Short Break

We’re not sure you’ve noticed, but LSI has been out of pocket for the last week or so, blog-world wise. We had a client install that went amazingly, and a show room design for our dear friends at Red Egg for Market week which went so well that we were awarded best showroom design by none other than Margaret Russel & David Easton, who judged this year’s competition- talk about something to smile about! Here’s the photo that got us “the cup”:

Shopping market, meeting up with friends new and old… we’ve been distracted. We’ll be back in full force next week with all of our pics from High Point Market.