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What is Luxe Life Camp?

It’s a rich, three-day Luxe Life emersion experience in the mountains of North Carolina, just outside Asheville. Luxe Life Camp is the perfect intersection of boho and swank. As happy campers, we’ll relax, reenergize, retreat and re-educate. This is the fourth annual Luxe Life Camp. Each one gets better and better, especially with you there!

Tell Me More...

Imagine an established camp for girls buzzing with activity every summer for nearly 100 years. Think barns, bunks, sleeping porches, pool, trails, horses, archery and counselors to guide the way. Now imagine this natural, pristine setting imbued with luxury: a gourmet (and healthy) menu, a luxe coffee café in the morning, cocktails in the eve and picky-picky attention to detail right down to thread count and a flexible roster of activities.

Friday Activities 

4-6 pm

WELCOME: Get settled, find your bunk, get the lay of the land and meet your fellow luxury seekers.

6-7 pm

COCKTAILS IN THE BARN: Meander up the hill to meet the ponies and your Skyland Retreat and Lisa Sherry Interieurs hostesses.

7 pm

DINNER IN THE HAYLOFT: We’ll retreat to a private and posh hayloft for the first of our gourmet meals.

APRÈS DINNER: Off to bed, games, reading or conversation with new and old friends.

Saturday Activities

7:00-10 am(ish)

WAKE UP: At your leisure. Café au luxe will be brewed to order, plus healthy-day breakfast starters.

10 am forward

YOUR DAY YOUR WAY: Customize your day and sign up for a fun and flexible menu of activities including yoga, horseback riding (and Equine-Facilitated Learning for aspiring horse whisperers), archery, swimming, massage, and creative design workshop.

5:30-7:30 pm


7:30 pm

DINNER ON THE VERANDA: A deliberate and delicious healthy menu of deliciousness.

9:00 pm

CAMPFIRE: Complete with gourmet s’mores.

Sunday Activities

7:00-10 am

REAWAKENING: Once again, awake at your leisure. Coffee and healthy breakfast await.

8:30 am-11:30 am

MORNING RIDE & REPRISE ACTIVITY: Sign up for a morning farewell ride with Potts and Sherry. Or sunrise yoga for the early birds. Take a dip in the pool. Revisit your favorite activity.

12:00 pm

FARE THE WELL: All good things must end, but later than you might expect. You must vanish no later than 12 noon.

Got Group?

We have three fabulous cabins available for groups of friends, book club buddies or sisters (by blood or otherwise). Gather ye group (minimum of 5) as these will book fast!

The Back Story

Skyland Camp for Girls has been a game changer for countless girls over nearly 100 years. But girls turn into women. So in 2013, the Skyland experience evolved to include Skyland Retreat, a venue for growth and transformation beyond girlhood. After all, who’s done learning? Lisa Sherry is a game changer too. Interior designer, sculptress of lifestyles and experiences, stylist, brand curator, Luxe Life spokesperson (and so on), Lisa loves to invent new things. So the twain met. Lisa Sherry Interieurs teamed with Skyland Retreat for the first Luxe Life Camp in the fall of 2013. It was swankier and more wonderful than anyone could have imagined. (Except for Lisa.) Fast forward to 2016: Luxe Life Camp is a beloved annual event. If you’ve been, expect more of the same … plus new activities, people and ideas to help us all part company with the ordinary and lead more fulfilling lives. That’s why we call it Luxe Life Camp!

What to Expect
  • Sleeping Rooms: It’s camp! Accommodations include breezy sleeping porches, all creatively partitioned into individual spaces with portières. Groups may want to consider a choice of three private cabins.

  • Bathing: The communal bathhouse offers totally private WCs and shower stalls. The latter, outfitted with fine soaps and sloughs, body washes, creams, spritzes and super-soft towels.

  • Sustenance: We intend to satisfy all your appetites. Meals served Friday night through Sunday morning with a plethora of healthy snacks and beverages always on hand.

  • Hydration: Cocktails, wine, water on demand!

  • Transportation: You are responsible for your own transportation to and from. Plan to park it! While you’re here, there will be no need for your car.

What To Bring
  • Mindset: An open mind and a readiness to learn and explore new things.

  • Clothes: We want you to love the skin you’re in, so let that guide your packing decisions. Be sure to include a swimsuit and any workout wear you might put to use. Interested in the ponies? Horseback riding, that is. Gear up appropriately. Long pants and closed shoes required. It may be chilly after sunsets so think in layers!

  • Primping: No worries. Think boutique hotel. The bathhouse will be fully equipped with luxe soaps, cream, lathery shampoos, conditioners, hair dryers and so forth. Again, LSI will make the bed (luxe linens and dreamy pillows).

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