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1. Do you love the Lisa Sherry Aesthetic?

2. Are you ready to do a bit of legwork? Here’s your chance at a quick lesson in design 101! We will send you detailed instructions on how to photograph your room(s) and measure like a pro. This little bit of fun work will provide us the sense of space needed for our design team to get your project started.

3. Are you ready to manage your own design project? We provide you with the over arching plan along with the parts and pieces to achieve the ultimate Lisa Sherry Interieurs design. You get to flex your design skills as you procure those components and install the design.

4. Do you love e-mail? We love e-mail! All correspondence will be conducted via the web. This has worked great for our full service clients who are located all over the US and Mini Luxe works without geographic borders as well.


Mini Luxe pricing starts under $1000-it is based on the square footage of the room and the scope of the design. Living rooms, kitchens, and family rooms generally require more design and therefore are more expensive. Rooms are typically between $800 and $4000. Please contact us for specific pricing.


1. Digital pictures of your room(s) and measurements. Once you sign on for Mini Luxe services we will send you detailed instructions of how to accomplish this like a pro.

2. Photos and measurements of any furniture you would like to incorporate into the design. Since you will receive one plan, we’ll want to establish on the front end if you will be using existing pieces or if you want us to provide a comprehensive plan showing the ideal pieces we think will work best in your space. Be fearless in your assessment.

3. Images of things you love-and things you do not. These inspiration images can come from any direction. Magazines are a great place to start. We find inspiration everywhere and challenge you to do the same.

4. The completed brief questionnaire we will send to you. This will help us hone in on your personal style so we can achieve your vision and budget level.


Once you have provided us with the details on your space, the completed questionnaire, your design fee payment in full and a signed contract our design team can get to work. The design process begins with creating an over arching concept and aesthetic based on your initial feed back. We will hone in on finishes and fabrics determining details such as color, pattern, texture and so much more. Finally, we call upon our design expertise and vendor knowledge to determine the specific furnishings that will best fit your space(s) and your budget range. Within 4-6 weeks you’ll receive your completed design.


1. One Moodboard Showing Overaching Design

2. One Floor plan

3. Accessory ideas

4. Design tips needed for taking Mini Luxe from concept to execution

5. A list of each piece on the plan with source information and pricing. It’s up to you what items you will purchase.

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