Our People 

“I never abdicate. I am the lead designer and principal client contact on every project at Lisa Sherry Interieurs. For clients, I want the design process to feel almost effortless. Truthfully, it’s not. Interior design is an art and a business of a bazillion cumulative details. It takes a team. I’m delighted to introduce my backup band – rock stars in their own right – who support me and each other to bring your beautiful spaces to life – effortlessly. They’re designers, problem solvers and sometimes magicians; bookkeepers, expediters and detectives. My team makes coming to work a pleasure. A round of applause, please...”


With the ink on her design diploma barely dry, perfect CAD skills, and a keen eye for style, Emily joined LSI just four years ago as a design intern. She quickly established herself as indispensable, as she remains today. Creative and detail minded, Emily is a bit of a Lisa Whisperer, able to anticipate her mentor’s perspective and occasionally complete her sentences. But make no mistake: Emily is her own woman and a talented design pro.
The devil isn’t in the detail. Susan is. Office manager, accounting department and chief expediter, Susan is LSI’s operational guru – and never ever bedeviled. The balls stay in the air and the plates keep spinning. Practically, this means an LSI project is as well managed as it is stunning. Best of all, an iron fist is never required. Every office needs a ray of sunshine and Susan is ours. Her secret: a daily dose of okra.
It was lucky day when Katie found her way to LSI. Already a seasoned interior design pro with over a decade of experience, Katie knew the rules of design – and was ready to start bending them, beautifully, with Lisa and team. An accomplished furniture designer, Katie also helps bring new ideas to life when a client floor plan demands something all new and sometimes revolutionary – a custom design. We love creative mischief (and merry) makers!
As always, a picture is worth a thousand words, and Lisa’s body of work speaks beautifully for itself. Yet words, ideas and strategies are needed to help purposefully shape a creative enterprise. LSI is an artful business. For wordsmithing, marketing acuity and media matters, we turn to our trusty CMO at large, Kathy Devereux. She’s got a knack for finding the right word, expression and business idea, while team LSI is busy designing.