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How to Make a Graceful Exit

Luxe Life Camp has been my passion project for the last few years. Those who’ve been, will know exactly what I mean. Those of you who missed it...? Well, you should have carpe diem’d when you could have, because last fall’s glorious weekend was my Luxe Life Camp swan song.

We Bid You a Fond Farewell

I have never been more passionate about the Luxe Life, Skyland Retreat, Sherry, Kay, Maddy, Potts and the inspiring troupe that helped me make Camp all that it was. I have not fallen out of love.

Campers, you know what I mean, Luxe Life Camp is transformational. The experience changed me, and part of that change is the realization that it’s time to move forward, detour, sidestep and experiment in new ways.

Skyland is a 100+ year old historic girls camp. It’s not going anywhere (but up), especially with Sherry and Kay at the helm. They are BFF clients, and I hope they give me a seat at the brainstorming table ­­­­as they grow the concept of Skyland Retreat, especially as it relates to inspiring a life well lived, which is the crux of the Luxe Life

I think I have a knack for new ideas, start-ups. And, I’ll take a bow – along with my team – at being a formidable producer. Pass me the ball and I’ll keep it going. Luxe Life Camp taught me so much, and not least among the lessons is how to say goodbye.

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