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How to Make an Entrance

Living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and kitchens so often get top billing in design discussions and space planning. The entryway or foyer is often a second thought or afterthought. Not so at LSI. We think entrances are an exciting preview of coming attractions. They set the stage. They set expectations. Here's how we like to make an entrance.

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This foyer is sort of a Rosetta Stone for the home dwellers, LSI clients. It seems to speak volumes about their personality. Expect the unexpected, it says. Put your fez down, your feet up, and stay a while. The homeowners are readers, travelers and perhaps deep sea divers. You want to know more. That's the art of a great entrance.

Check Out This Project

Entrances are often contained spaces, nooks. They promise a "big reveal" to come. Other times, the entryway is fully integrated with the living space, as shown here, from a recent LSI installation. The entry opens to a dramatic clearstory great room. Our goal was to create an intimate welcoming moment in a formidable space. The simple rustic table with layered objects d'art is a lovely juxtaposition against the grand affair of the living room.

Check Out This Project

An entryway is a single moment that immediately flows into the experience of the home. This entryway from recent LSI installation is a lovely introduction to the family - and the home itself. The built-in begged for a bust. Flanking books came next. The chandelier lights the way. The rug defines the entry and creates synergy with the larger space. Bench, art, and floor lamp complete the moment - lovely, coming and going!

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