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What the Best-Dressed (Homes & People) Are Wearing This Winter

It's all a beautiful blur. The world of interiors. The world of fashion. In my world, it's all one creative whole. A peek into this year's winter closet offers lots of inspiration for the home front...

1. ZIP IT - The bomber jacket is right on trend with an embroidered tat over the left breast. Be still my heart.

2. SHADES OF OMBRE - Please, let's soften the harsh winter glare with a pair of aviator sunglasses. Amber ombré is hot in home décor too.

3. CABLE KNIT PICK - A very au currant cable knit with mixed stitchery and fringe. Okay,you had me at white.

4. KICKS - Is Chuck Taylor blushing?

5. BUCKET BAG - A supple satchel for all seasons striped out in neutrals.

6. SMALL BATCH - Aren't we all craving something unique, whether it's a cocktail or a cocktail table? Artisanal is the word of the day.

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