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Painting by Numbers

Rebel, rebel, I'm a rule breaker by nature, so when I happen across Expert Advice on How to Hang Artwork, I calmly put my bulldogs, hammer and drill aside, and take a deep breath. There's so much convo and concern about the "right" number of pieces to display on any given wall. For today's blog, I'm excited to add my point of view on the numerology of hanging artwork. It's a simple story in three parts.

Art by Zoe Bios | Purchase through Lisa Sherry Interieurs

#1 - ONE IS NOT THE LONELIEST NUMBER: I've read that a single piece of art on a wall is verboten. Not so. A great piece of art may certainly stand alone. I have a singular vision of this perfectly square, boldly blue, abstract water color in an overall neutral space.

Photography by Ron Royals | Purchase through Lisa Sherry Interieurs

#2 - THE COUPLING EFFECT: Marrying up two pieces of artwork can be spectacular. I love this diptych, for example. The two pieces present as a beautiful whole, but with just the right measure of variation on theme and color to capture interest and suggest a narrative.

Art by Zoe Bios | Purchase through Lisa Sherry Interieurs

#3 - THREE'S COMPANY: Of course, this brilliant triptych is really conceived as a single unit. A unified graphic is contiguous across the three individually framed panels. It suggests separateness and wholeness. In this case, the odd threesome really is a charm.

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