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Most Pined-Over Pins

You had me at mood board. I am a seasoned collector of tearsheets and idea files, so when Pinterest burst on the scene a few years ago, I was all in from the beginning. Pinterest is the interior designer's best friend. It's a platform to share my own work and see what inspires tastemakers all over the planet.

I got curious recently. The truth is, I only compete with myself, and I started wondering "what are my most pinned pins?" What seems to inspire other pinners and design devotées in my body of work? Enter Pinterest "Analytics." The answers were just a point and a click away. Here's what people seem to pine over the most....


I think Mother Nature gets credit for this pin's popularity. Sunlight owns this room. From a design perspective, it's a interesting case study in managing long narrow spaces to maximum advantage.


This is one of my favorite living rooms, and I'm delighted other pinners are drawn in too. A large landscape mirror amplifies the already formidable space. Floor plan and furnishings are in total harmony, but with lots of tonal and textural variation.


Pinch me! Pin me! I'm so happy this simple dining room has emerged as a Pinterest favorite. I love the grand inverted layer cake of a chandelier, asymmetrical artwork, and the juxtaposition of a very traditional pedestal table with perfectly scaled Verellen chairs (O, Thibaut!). Oh, and the whiteness of it all...!


Judging from the response to this pin, I think kitchens must be among the most-searched rooms on Pinterest. I'll speculate that the l-o-n-g galley kitchen and hardworking bar (dinner for five is served) is a big part of the reason.

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