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Make Me Blush

Happy Valentine's Day! Are you seeing red everywhere today? After all, full-bodied vibrant reds are Cupid's signature color. Not for me. Yet, in the spirit of the season, I'm ready to meet red, let's say, 10% of the way. Because when RED gives WHITE a little peck on the cheek, we have blush, and I am smitten. In fact, I covet these blushing beauties.

#1. I'll take this coconut mango nut candle in a blush ombré vessel any day and any Valentine's Day.

#2. A little Deco goes a long way. I cast my lot with these shiny lacquer book ends in the fairest of light pinks.

#3. Pink is not precious. You can step on it. I love the broken plaid design of this blush-and-cream rug. A lovely neutral underfoot.

#4. An abstract study of nudes in all their glorious blushing flesh tones? That's my Rorschach interpretation of this painting and I'm sticking to it.

#5. It's not likely I'd paint a wall pink (but see #9), but I'd cover it in this variegated blush wallpaper in a palpitating heartbeat. Swoon.

#6. Tone-on-tone blush tones kiss and make pretty on this pillow.

#7. Gold and blush are lovely bedfellows. I'd put this blush marble and gold lamp on a bedside table any night of the week.

#8. Tom Ford calls this lipstick Creme Conque. He gets a kiss for that.

#9. If I were to paint a wall pink (see #5), this hue from Benny Moore would be my go to.

Are you similarly smitten and blushing? Most of the little gems above are available for sale at Lisa Sherry Interieurs. Our website is not presently ecommerce enabled, so you'll have to purchase the old-fashioned way. It starts with a phone call 336-885-1546 or email at

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