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Client Selfies

Today, anyone with a cell phone is a photographer. You'll see my complete portfolio on Instagram. I love that each and every one of us can express ourselves and share our stories with pictures. But, I do have a limit! It pays to have a pro behind the camera for website and magazine photography. Today, I'm excited to share some images from my recent shoot with NYC-based wizard (and photographer) Patrick Cline. While there are no homeowners in the shot, these images really are lovely portraits of the people who inhabit the spaces. As far as I'm concerned, they're selfies! Let me tell you why.

This is a seflie of a Charlotte family that does NOT like boundaries. Yes, it's a high-functioning modern kitchen in the background, seamlessly flowing into a dining table (and often a game table and boardroom table).

Another shot from this open-minded and open-living Charlotte family. The landscape window frames the exterior world, but the interieur is equally interesting, like the busy-busy fivesome (plus animals!) that inhabits the space. The palette is black and white. People (and legos) add the pops of color!

Clearly, something is always cooking in this kitchen. It's a selfie of residents whose sustenance is substance! They are simple chefs and glorious entertainers. The room is full of texture and thoughtful juxtapositions. They love it best when it's full of people too.

This is a private selfie! Why not put equal creative emphasis on public and private spaces? This master bath is purely for the comfort and pleasure of the homeowners. Refined and playful, it's where they prepare to go downstairs and greet the world. Think of it as a private selfie!

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