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Keemala Is Calling

When one ventures around the world to Phuket Fantasea, one does not stay in a HoJo. At least not THIS one. I'll share more of my Thailand travel adventure soon (and there's always Instagram for the daily feed), but for now - mind, body and soul - I am a creature of Keemala.

I found out why the caged bird sings. Keemala guest rooms are individual basket-like pods. Of course, we have ventured out, but if the staff were to send in daily provisions of food, water and vodka, I might happily stay put in my woven (not gilded) cage!

The common areas at Keemala are uncommonly beautiful. And, in this case, tented. Everyone knows I'm a fan of glamping - that lovely meld of posh and primitive. But what a glamp site. Keemala takes the experience to a whole new level.

Rockabye me baby in Keemala's swinging basket (of course) chairs. The perfect perch for snuggling with my hubby, sipping a tropical drink, dozing off, or waking up. Everyone needs a trio.

Keemala interieurs and exterieurs flow seamlessly. It's a design approach I always incorporate in my work too. I have to say, Keemala's got me beat on the exotic, otherworldly, inspiring views. It's just great to breath their rare air.

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