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Modern Classic Remasters

A single strand of pearls. Moby Dick. The wingback chair. We're all familiar with The Classics. But have you ever considered that at some point in time classics were rebels, the new kids on the blog intent upon upsetting apple carts?

That's why I like my classics with a twist of mod. It's the only style I might be a slave to. I call it Classic Modern. Here's what I mean, and some tips on how to get the look...

ABOVE: This modern room in a flood of white light is full of little classic pulse points. First, note the traditional architectural detailing - from moldings to mullions. The chairs are modified wing backs, oversized, but with their traditional wings clipped. The accent table is an homage to Campaign style. Underfoot, what's more mod than a skin, opposed to a Persian? See more from this recent client project.

ABOVE: Classic modern is always a bit of a surprise. This to-the-manor-born clear-story great room is quintessentially traditional from the Palladian windows to the crested and columned marble fireplace. The introduction of modern juxtapositions take the space to a whole new level of lovely: Shag rug, swivel chairs with a seamless waterfall skirt and white gesso lamps. See more now.

ABOVE: I did not ace geometry in school, yet my Classic Modern designs are certainly informed by shape and dimension, as shown in this recent client project. Note the X-base dining table. The square mirror, square doorway and square-back slipper chairs create a subtle harmony and depth of field. The triple-tiered bar cart and floor lamp triangulate beautifully.

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