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Let There Be Light

Don't be left in the dark. An innovative, artful and illuminating (of course!) lighting plan is essential to a successful room. In Sunday's pre-dawn hours, we sprung forward to Daylight Savings Time. This means longer days and more sunlight - my very favorite lighting solution, next to candles, of course!

But when the sun goes down, and candles don't quite suffice, there are some gorgeous chandeliers, floor and table lamps, and wall lamps to light the way. Let's take a look:

CEILING LIGHTING is akin to the night sky - but in your home, of course. We are all dazzled by a canopy of stars and search for constellations we learned about in school. A dining room chandelier can bring the same delight. Sometimes, a floor plan can actually begin with a chandelier. It's a ceiling centerpiece, as is the case in this recent LSI client project. The triple-tier mesh chandelier begins and finishes the room. A dimmer switch is absolutely a must, and never, ever forget the candles.

FLOOR AND TABLE LAMPS are the the ultimate torch bearers in most living areas. Today, traditional overhead flood-type lighting has been usurped (in stylish homes) by track lighting, plus floor and table lamps to create pleasing pockets of illumination. One of my favorite floor lamp finds is shown above in a recent client project. It's a modern riff on a traditional floor lamp with a top-hat shade! It's as much sculpture as it is light source.

SCONCES or WALL LAMPS can be little pieces of glowing jewelry or scene-stealing spotlights, as shown here. This LSI homeowner is certainly ready for her moment in the spotlight. This photo illuminates how the right lighting is integral to the design mix and not a last minute addition.

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