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New Green Ways

You won't catch me with a green beer this St. Patrick's Day, and the hue du jour - kelly green - has no place in my repertoire. Yet, I find myself drawn to a new breed of green. Shillelaghs and shamrocks aside, these new green ways are off-kilter, surprising, and pair beautifully with neutrals. Take a peek...


VESSEL: I'll take pistachio green over Kelly any day of the week - even on March 17th. I love this rough-hewn vessel. It's strictly for display: some ideas and vessels simply don't hold water.

WALLPAPER: I'm mad about neutrals, but who wouldn't like a malachite green stone wall in a room? Perhaps a hair implausible, which is why I love this Empress Green wallpaper. The variegated hues of green and black mimic the real thing.

PAINT CHIP: Greenery, Pantone's lauded Color of the year, is sort of a "meh" for me. But I'll venture into the woods with Pantone's Black Forest Green. Swarthy black-green is one of my favorite hues, especially paired with neutrals.

BOX: Blue is not the exclusive color of shibori. I love the cream-and-olive palette of this ten-inch linen box. Best yet, no two will be alike. Each is individually made.

PLATE: I don't own emeralds, but nevertheless, this emerald green ring dish banded in gold is a must-have. I love the irregularity of all things made by hand.

PILLOW: Admittedly, I do see this into-the-woods forest green, cotton velvet pillow on a creme linen sofa. Can you conjure the loveliness?

Coveting something in today's blog? Are you, dare I say, green with envy? Many of the items above are available for sale through Lisa Sherry Interieurs. Email us now for the full skinny. In the meantime, happiest St. Paddy's Day.

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