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Art Party: Part Deux

Mona Lisa move over! Earlier this month, the LSI team undertook a fun creative challenge: the makeover of a cherubic portrait of a five-year old boy (who is now 16, by the way). We got out our art supplies and here's what happened next...

Naturally, we did not want to deface the original portrait. Every member of the LSI team made new art from a digital copy. It's always good to have a plan. Here, a modern color block illustration is the "go-by" (that's a technical term) to springboard to a new design.

Jade gets started and doesn't look back!

Marisol is our design intern. She wowed the room with her steady-handed, precise interpretation of the portrait. Marisol says interior design is her calling - and she is very talented - but I think there may be some fine art excursions in her future.

No one at LSI is more bright, cheerful and happy-hearted than Emily. I just love to see my right-hand designer stretch. But, who knew? Here Emily explores her dark side in this swarthy multi-media work of art.

I'm amazed at the talent and thoughtfulness in my studio! Fernando learned more about Jack, the boy in the portrait, and discovered he's into graphic novels and video games. Fernando's portrait makeover introduces ideas relevant to the subject today. BTW, he brings a similar skill set to LSI client projects!

And, as for moi, this art party was all about stretching boundaries. I naturally gravitate to a neutral palette, as you know. That's in play in my "masterpiece" above, but on this day I was also drawn to florals, animation, and graphic strips of type. I was feeling linear - and went with it!

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