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Draperies: Open & Shut

Are draperies the frenemy of natural light? It's a delicate matter for lovers of sunlight, like me. I'm drawn to southern exposures and walls of windows. Why shroud them? Because so often, a room without draperies is like a day without sunshine. What's up with that??

In my sun-drenched world, draperies are actually the perfect finishing touch in a room. Here are my top ten tips for getting it right.

1. No swags, no jabots.

2. Ditto for fringes and festoons: just say no.

3. Puddling is passé.

4. Pay attention to hardware. Keep it simple, or go bold, but be mindful.

5. Linen always lays just right.

6. Neutrals rule. Great draperies often go unnoticed. It's their lot in life!

7. Pass on pattern, generally. The two-toned Shibori below is an exception.

8. Lining is an option, especially in bedrooms at 5am!

9. Layer additional window treatments, like roman shades, as form and function dictate.

10. Drapery's default setting should be OPEN. Let the sun shine in!

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