The Shortlist: My Six Loves

The things we love reveal so much. It's why I always enjoy magazine articles and blogs where people shortlist their most coveted handful of things. So when my team threw the gauntlet down and asked for my six loves for today's blog, I had to say yes. What to these must-haves say about me? You be the judge.

THE SUGAR BAR, on a stretch of beach at St Lucia, is a must-see destination for the name and locale alone. I recommend absolutely anything on the rocks.

Aren't we all in search of an elusive golden goose for its precious produce of golden eggs? Well, that's a fairytale, but GOLDEN GOOSE SHOES can be had. They're my top pick kicks. So me, and stylishly in step.

PIMM'S is the chameleon of boozy drinks. Don't believe me? Check out their website (which is wonderful) for the full litany of Pimm's concoctions. I love to mix it up. So do the peeps at Pimm's.

PISTACHIO BUTTER appears on my shortlist simply because anything goopy and green on a cracker is apt to turn heads. Never fear. Take a bite. It's a delicious surprise. That'll teach you never to judge a cracker by it's covering.

I fantasize that I am the "moi" in the wonderful documentary Dior and I. It's an insider's peek behind the scenes at the House of Dior with personality and passion in every frame.

Land Rover is my vehicle of choice, but I find it hard to "love" a machine. My true affections lie elsewhere. With the exception of a rough-and-tumbled, well-travelled Old Defender. I'd buy one in a heartbeat - with a new engine, please.