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Bunk Beds and Myth Busting

Bunkbeds are a lot like skyscrapers. They make brilliant use of vertical space in environments where square footage must be maximized. Like skyscrapers, bunkbeds can tower and star in a design plan. I have discovered time and time again, that bunkbeds are also timeless and ageless. Move over kiddos. Bunk beds are not just for toddlers and teens.

Bunk beds are brilliant in beach houses: Company of all ages is always coming - and staying. The lovely bunk room above, from a home on the North Carolina coast, maximizes the efficiency of a single bedroom, and beautifully so. Twin over king never looked so lovely. It's thoroughly adult and riddled with creature comforts.

So are bunkbeds all grown up? They are certainly more sophisticated but also playful. This bunk room was inspired by a jungle gym. Kids can even big-game hunt, and might potentiallly snare an elephant or rhino. No worries, paper-maché is not a protected species!

Bunkbeds do not discriminate on the basis of age. But that said, bunks are brilliant in kids' rooms. Stack the wee ones in personal pods that spur imagination and sleep. What a great formula. The room above for a client in Connecticut has been pinned over and over, and also covered in blogs. I converted a large bonus room to a ladderless bunk room for two siblings and overnight BFF guests. It's about privacy and community ... sleep and play.

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