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Hobnobbing With the Best

I love jewelry so is it any wonder that a great knob, handle, pull or doorknob can make my day. Such is my life! Not to worry, I won't be stringing these little gems together to wear around my neck. They're jewelry for the home.

1. This knob gets the job done. The center of the cylinder pull is finished with cross-hatched texturing. The better to grasp you with, my dear.

2. This little jewel of a knob is the hardware equivalent of an accessory for a night out on the town. Gorgeously sculptural, isn't it.

3. Every room needs a little bit of Lucite. At 3.5" long, this pull is a perfect handful, and adds just the right touch of modern bling to cabinetry.

4. I love finishing touches that please the senses. In and of itself, the hand-forged knob is so textural. The leather strappings take it over the top - and me with it. It's a favorite for organic interiors.

5. Clients appreciate my eye for detail, but simple solutions are often the most glorious ones. Like this simple leather loop and brass tack pull. The black leather/nickel combination is on trend and timeless.

6. Imagine... a juxtaposition in a thing so small ... this lovely handle marries classic materials (marble and brass) and a modern cylindrical form. It's one of my favorites for bathroom cabinetry.

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